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Home of the Original Strength Shoes & Other Plyometric Strength Training Products For 30 Years

Since its introduction to the sports world in the early 1980s, plyometric strength training has been proven, over and over again, to be beneficial to athletes in all fields. From track and field to basketball to wrestling, whatever your sport, you can benefit from strength training.

For 30 years, Strength Systems has been helping athletes jump higher, run faster, lift more, and perform better no matter what their sport. In 1984, we first shared our innovative plyometric Strength Shoes with the world. Since then, we’ve sold over 500,000 pairs and launched more strength-enhancing equipment, like our Strength Weighted Vest and Strength Weighted Shorts.

The Original Strength Shoes – Pioneering Plyometric Training

Also called jump training, plyometric training works by explosively extending and contracting your muscles in the shortest amount of time possible. Calf lifts, squats, and jumps all come under this heading, and any athlete can tell you how great those exercises are for their legs, core, and overall stability.

Strength Shoes were some of the first equipment successfully developed to aid in plyometric strength training. The broad, shock absorbent soles under the balls of your feet allow you to jump and move without the risk of injury, while keeping your weight over your toes, forcing your calves to engage. With proper training, our Strength Shoes can add between 5 and 10 inches to your vertical jump, and they can help you shave time off of your 40-yard dash, too.

Introducing - Strength Weighted Vests and Other Training Products

Our unique and innovative shoe design has helped young athletes achieve their goals for three decades, and during that time we’ve tweaked and fine-tuned their design to make them even better. That’s not all we’ve been up to, though.

Our Strength Weighted Vest adds resistance to any workout, allowing you to burn more calories and build strength and stamina faster. From our Strength Weighted Shorts to the Strength Stretch Strap, our products are designed to make you a stronger, fitter, better athlete.

Our Commitment to Athletes & Coaches

At Strength Systems, we believe that hard work pays off, and we want you to be the absolute best athlete that you can be. By adding our resistance equipment to your training regimen, you’ll see results faster than you could ever have thought possible.

We want you to own your future.

That’s why we say, “Train today. Own tomorrow.”


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