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Throwback Thursday: What Type of 1980s Workout Clothes Would You Have Worn?

In light of the nostalgia waves that overcome us on the weekly basis, we’re hopping on that #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT hashtag and wondering how life would have been if someway or somehow, the present could be the 1980s.  Would we be looking like Tiffany Kapowski or A.C. Slater from Saved By the Bell (they epitomized the late 80’s)?  Curiosity didn’t kill the cat this time, so come with us down memory lane and let’s find out more. What Type of a Body Would We Have Had? Contrary to our predisposition to think that modernity in its most present form is..  - Read More

Weighted Vest Exercises Medically Proven to Reduce Falls in Older Women

Recently published articles that appeared in the Oxford Journal and other medical journals have highlighted the correlation between weighted vest exercises and a reduced risk of falls in women between the ages of fifty to seventy years old.  Along with this groundbreaking finding, weighted vests are good in preventing diseases commonly prevalent amongst aging women, such as osteoporosis and muscle atrophy.  With the benefits scientifically proven in medical research, there is no reason why we should spend our time laying on the ground. Why Falls Matter: One of the major causes of death in the geriatric population is attributed to..  - Read More

Banned From the NBA: Shoes That Make You Jump Higher

APL has no connection to JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) but Athletic Propulsion Labs might as well have.  They created a technological advanced sneaker that is so good, the National Basketball Association (NBA) has banned its athletes from wearing them.  As detailed by Esquire Magazine, these shoes provided up to an increase of 3.5 inches on the vertical, thus providing an unfair advantage.  While attempting to gain any competitive advantage is a great, there are other ways to circumvent the accusations of cheating. The APL basketball shoes incorporate a propriety technology called Lock N’ Load that is essentially an insert for..  - Read More

The Debate is Over: LeBron James is One of the All Time NBA Greats

Now that the 2016 NBA Finals is over and the Cleveland Cavaliers completed one of the greatest comebacks of all time against the Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry, we can appreciate seeing one of the greatest basketball players of all time add another championship ring to his mantle and give the city of Cleveland, its first championship.  Despite James’s impressive performance with a triple-double in Game 7 and his back to back 41 point performances in Game 5 and 6, respectively, people are still reluctant to put LeBron in the rarified air of basketball’s elites.  With the winning of..  - Read More

Becoming Young: Making the Converse All Star Shoes Young Again

Almost one hundred years ago, the Converse Chuck Taylor was designed and made to be an elite shoe for basketball players.  In an era where the basketball rim closely resembled the peach basket, the rubber sole and canvas upper was a break from wooden soles and all leather shoes.  As revolutionary as it was back then, man has always found ways to challenge and improve on how to jump higher.  This year, the quintessential classic “tennis shoes” gets a modern make over from its parent. Ever since Converse was bought out by Nike Inc., Converse had been reaping the benefits..  - Read More

The LeBron James versus Stephen Curry Rivalry: Can We Even Compare?

Now that the 2016 NBA Finals is set with the Cleveland Cavaliers facing the Golden State Warriors, the spotlight will be focused on the two basketball superstars:  LeBron and Curry.  With one ring versus two, can we make the assertion that Curry is as good, if not better than LeBron?  Just like the old Michael Jordan versus Kobe Bryant debate, a lot of this discussion is subjective.  We’ll try to objectify the comparison for you in this week’s article. If they ain’t got a ring, then they don’t mean a thing.  Being the MVP of the league is good, but..  - Read More


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