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Lessons in Healthy Living: Medical Insurance and Sports Injuries

How often do you hear this in conversation:  I am young and healthy, so I don’t need health insurance.  Or were you the one justifying not paying for health insurance?  Now with the affordable care act (or incorrectly referred to as Obamacare), having no insurance bears financial implications.  Instead of relying on Medicare or Medicaid, do your body and health a favor by spending some money on your health insurance coverage and give yourself options and save money down the road.

We Are All Suddenly Medical Experts …

The idea of being young, healthy, and not having a medical history is a fallacy, especially when using it to justify having a lower premium.  There is no formula to prevent freak accidents or undiagnosed defects or illnesses.  Because we look healthy, it does not mean there is something going on inside of us.  Simply put, you are not Superman and you can’t see what your body is doing.  You didn’t go to med school for a decade and learn about how one specific part of the body functions, so don’t take the risk and be a non-compliant fool and have life and genetic defects kick you in the face.  Having sports physicals and annual checkups are ways for physicians to see what the body is doing on the molecular level.  Any abnormalities will then necessitate further investigation.  Despite your paranoid and conspiracy intuitions telling you otherwise, most people rather you get a checkup because catching thing early might not only save your life, it will prevent you from needing some expensive procedures.

Skimp Now, Pay Later

Having good insurance is important, because it will save down the road.  In the most layman terms, you pay more monthly or yearly so your deductible rates decrease.  When your deductible is high, it means your medical bills will have to reach that threshold before your insurance will cover your costs.  Insurance companies also cover a certain percentage of a procedure or hospitalization, so you will still need to foot some of the bill.  After all, not looking after your heredity or lifestyle damage to your body is your fault, not someone else’s.  We are all adults here, so let’s take responsibility.  So when you pay more now, your coverage is better and more and more things become covered by your insurance.  Wonder why exams cost so much?  Machines cost millions to purchase, and your office visit took an hour from three people, thus making any medical procedure seem pricey.

Pay More, Live Like a King

Well not really.  Paying more for insurance allows you to go from a HMO to a PPO.  What is the difference between the two?  In a nutshell, a HMO requires you to visit your main doctor for everything.  Once they diagnose you, they will determine if you need to see a specialist.  If you have doubts or want a second opinion, you will need to either convince your doctor to refer you or wait a while for the insurance to approve you to see another main doctor.  Kind of troublesome if you need to go see an orthopedic specialist.  With PPO, you will pay more in monthly or yearly fees, but you are in more control.  If you have a stomach issue, you can go see a gastroenterologist without needing the approval of your primary care physician.  Just make sure all these doctors are within your network, and ask how much you will be paying out of pocket and how much the insurance will cover beforehand.

In Conclusion …

It is better to have good health insurance, because freak sports injuries can and do occur.  Trent Dilfer lacerated his knee moving his patio furniture out of the rain, and Aaron Ramsey grotesquely broke his leg in a soccer match.  Stuff happens, just be prepared.  And lastly, consult a medical professional prior to beginning any exercise, diet, or medical regimen. 


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