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Don’t Let Summer Swallow You Whole: Our 2016 Coachella Guide

May gloom brings spring bloom.  Cheesy Get Up Kids references means the onset of summer music festivals.  There is no bigger music festival than Coachella, where performers such as Ice Cube (and a possible NWA reunion), Ellie Goulding, Guns N’ Roses, and LCD Soundsystem will be a few of the many headliners.  Without a doubt, this is the place to be.  There are many dangers in many of the things we do recreationally but for all you first time festivalgoers need to read this and prepare accordingly.

Stay Wet

One of the most common problems with weekend long music events is dehydration.  Indio is in the high desert of California and is known to be extremely hot.  With temperatures forecasted to be in the low to mid 90s, hydration is very important.  Bring a Camelbak filled with plenty of water because all the jumping and shuffling will burn lots of calories and overheat your body.  All day music performances coupled with dancing means you will surly forget to eat and drink.  Avoid hyperthermia, renal failure, and hypotension by properly hydrating.

Are You Gelling?

With all the dancing you’ll be doing, pick footwear that will give you plenty of support.  Coachella is held on land that is well-maintained, but ankle sprains and repetitive stress injuries can still occur from all the jumping and two-stepping you’ll be doing.  Wear shoes that are closed toes and that have good cushioning and ankle support.  Your shoes will probably be so dirty that you will need to toss them out, but having a proper shoe fit will prevent foot and leg injuries.  If anything, you will have done a really intense full body workout and a good calf workout.  You’ll end up being able to jump higher at the next festival too.

Breathe Right

Lastly, music festivals is known to give people “festival lungs.”  A weekend with thousands of people stomping around on dirt grounds produces a haze of dust that lingers.  Breathing all the tiny dust particles clogs up your sinuses, nose, and gets into your lung.  Enough of that stuff and you can develop bronchitis or even worse: pneumonia (pneumonia can be deadly).  Avoid getting sick by avoiding prolonged exposure to the dust or wear a mask.  Although nothing is better than avoiding the dust outright, the mask will help in filtering some of the dust out.

Have Fun

There are many negative stigmas surrounding music festivals, but one can enjoy good music, good people, and good vibes without doing any drugs or putting yourself in danger.  There are a lot of folks who enjoy it all while being sober.  Prolong your quality of life by avoiding the vices of life.  In closing, have fun, drink plenty of water, and prepare with the right gear.



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