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THE Quick and Easy Workout for Your Summer Body Workout Plan

Grab your dumbbell and gym shoes and get the summer body you always wanted with this quick and easy workout.

Have a little bit of belly fat aka “Winter Layer” that you need to lose before hitting the beach or the Vegas Day Clubs?  Are you also short of time or energy?  Try our quick and easy workout plan that will get your body into shape.  All you really need is a kettlebell, dumbbell, or a weight suit, so there is no reason not to get up and get fit.  These four will get you adored!

Two-Arm Swing

This workout targets your arms, chest, back, abdominal muscles, legs, shoulders, and butt.  All you need to do is stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width and your feet pointed forward.  Hold the weight at the ends with your arms extended to shoulder level and back down for one repetition.

Two Arm Swing Variation

This workout will engage your arms, shoulders, chest, back, abs, legs, and your butt.  The difference with this workout is that you will bend your knees into the squat position for the start.  The weight will be between your legs and just like the two-arm swing workout, you will raise the weight up to shoulder height and back down for one rep.

Straight-Leg Russian Twist

Target your obliques, abdominal, and lower back muscles with this ab workout.  Sit down on a mat with your legs extended straight and side-by-side.  Hold the weight on its ends in both hands and extend your arms.  Lean back until you feel enough tension in your muscle.  This is your starting point.  For one repetition, slowly twist to the left and to the right with your arms straight and end in the starting position. 

Double-Life Pushup

Get your core muscles, upper back, chest, and shoulders in shape with this.  To start off, get into the pushup position (legs extended, arms shoulder width, head in a straight line with spine) and you’ll need to have your weight under each hand.  For one repetition, do one pushup and when you are back to the starting position, you are going to slowly pull one elbow backwards towards the ceiling and lower it back down.  For each rep, you are going to alternate arms.

To Conclude...

To maximize your workout, we recommend doing ten to fifteen repetitions per set, and four sets for each workout using a weight that is moderately challenging.  These four workouts are ideal for getting your body toned, but following a healthy diet and doing cardio will enable your results for weight loss or muscle building to be actualized.  As always, consult a medical professional prior to beginning any new exercise or diet regimen.

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