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37 Year Old Still Dunks Because of the Strength Shoe

Last week, we received a testimonial email from Jeff. Because of the length and pictures, we did not want to place it on our testimonial portion of the website. Below is a copy of the email along with the pictures Jeff sent us:

"Good morning,

My name is Jeff W and I was first introduced to strength shoes back in the early 90's.

I would always see them in the magazines and didn't know what to make of them since sports science was nowhere near what it is today.

My college roommate had a pair freshman year back in 1994 and I was able to try them. I started off doing some basic stuff in the dorm room and decided to by my own.

I pretty much went crazy that summer doing every drill, sprint, and jump that was listed the cards that came with the shoes. I was always a one foot jumper like Dr. J but after using the strength shoes I was jumping off two legs like Jordan throwing it down with power. I had hops before using the shoes but now I had some serious double leg explosion and it felt natural after doing all of the drills. My sprinting speed was on another level, I never really trained for speed and it was an amazing byproduct.  My balance increased and the biggest difference was the actual strength in my lower leg, feet, and toes. These shoes definitely gave me an advantage. I played a lot of basketball form the age of 18-24 and would always use these shoes to tune me up.

Over the next few years after college, I started working and played less basketball but got into martial arts and fitness training. A few times a month I would break the shoes out and basically do track sprinting drills with them. I kept my explosive movements. Ten years ago my shoes started to show some wear and looked like they would fall apart. They started to crack, fade and become discolored but still functioned. Five years ago I started to get back into basketball as my main form of cardio and started using them again weekly. These old beast have yet to fail me and give me the boost that I need. I’ve been waiting for the soles to fall off or to just blow up but they are indestructible. I guess they were made with Alien technology. I have yet to find a product in the sporting world that yields instant performance like these. I’ve lifted heavy with squats and calf raises but it still doesn't produce the results. I'm 38 years old and stand 6'0 and can still dunk pretty easy. These shoes keep me quick but most importantly overall that they are one of the safest products I have ever used. I have never sustained an injury using them over the 20 year period. I’ve told many friends over the years to get them and mention them to any trainers that are unfamiliar. It's a shame that so many people are playing catch up. I know that most guys after college don't keep doing drills or push themselves like me but I know that the strength shoes are allowing me to roll back the clock and compete with much younger athletes. There is just no way you are going to work your lower legs like that without using strength shoes. I've played tennis, basketball, football, baseball, golf and trained Muay Thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. The shoes have helped me in all sports and have created muscle memory. It all starts with the lower legs.

I'm including a picture of the legendary shoes that have I trained with in the humid Maryland summers to the Arizona desert. Here is also a picture of me dunking, which is something I really don't do much since I have nothing to prove, but hey it's an awesome feeling especially when they guys at the gym find out I'm an old man."

Jeff W"



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