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What is Plyometrics Training And How Does It Help Me?

Plyometric training guide

Plyometrics can historically be traced back to a doctor in Russia by the name of Yuri Verkhoshansky more than 40 years ago.  Dr. Verkhoshansky developed what is directly translated as "shock training" to increase the strength and power of athletes by expanding how much the muscles were stretched during the peak of an athlete's movement.  In order to achieve this, two core plyometric exercises were created known as depth jumps and depth drops. 

In modern day plyometrics, any type of physical training that involve the movement of jumping is categorized as a plyometric exercise.  The theory behind the activity of repetitive jumping to increase overall strength derives from the amount of force you train your body to produce in order to generate an initial "explosive power" to achieve general sports performance, higher vertical leap, and faster sprint times. 

How do I increase my vertical with plyometrics?  In the most summarized description of using plyometrics to help you jump higher, most top trainers use generally use plyometrics alongside squat training to generate optimal results in vertical jump height.  Studies conducted on squat weight training with plyometrics and it's effect on an athlete's vertical leap produced the following results.  With only squats training, the average increase on the test subject's vertical averaged 3.30 cm.  The same test environment conducted with test subjects training with only plyometrics produced an average vertical jump increase of 3.81 cm.  The same subjects who then trained with both squats and plyometrics increased their vertical leap height by an average of 10.67 centimeters.

ploymetric training soccerPlyometric training for increased leap height and off the line speed training can be found in all sports such as football, soccer, baseball, hockey, olympic events, and basketball.  Although most commonly associated with basketball, an athlete's vertical is one of the most common metrics incorporated in the calculation of overall athletic ability, along with timed sprints and agility drills.  Plyometrics is important because it improves all of those aforementioned categories.  

The core belief of strength systems products is to facilitate athletes and individuals to harness the sport science of plyometrics in their very own backyards.  Strength systems is not limited to their world renowned calf training shoes but also have added products that have been scientifically proven to give users the ability to gradually increase resistance units for the most effective plyometrics training.  The most popular training equipment include Strength's weighted vest, shorts, and gloves.  The proper use of Strength's weighted training equipment recommends that the individual apply weight incrementally to create a properly weighted vest to intensify any training regimens.  These types of equipment can double your results if used properly. 



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