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Why the Speed and Agility Ladder Is An Important Tool You’re Not Using

The agility ladder is an important and popular training equipment for coaches and athletes looking for how to increase your vertical, speed, coordination, balance, and agility. It is a tool that helps build quick and precise footwork that many simply ignore. Using the Strength Deluxe Speed Agility Ladder and the prescribed workouts listed below, your athleticism will increase.

It is important that the speed and agility ladders are generally made of two nylon straps with plastic rings spaced fifteen to eighteen inches apart. These ladders can be buttoned to make a longer ladder, or unbuttoned for a shorter ladder. Models that have adjustable distances between rungs are ideal for acceleration exercises and drills.

Prior to starting, a workout plan must be established. To get the most out of the agility ladder exercises, progress slowly from easier drills to more advanced movements. Coaches and athletes must understand to perform each workout sequences correctly at slow speeds. Once the movement is performed perfectly, progress at faster speeds. The progression from easy drills to more difficult ones usually takes place over several weeks. After a couple of weeks mastering a few drills, gradually add one new drill while eliminating an old one. This process allows every training session to be at a high intensity. Each training session should incorporate three to four drills, and done 3 to four times. The entire process can be done within five minutes.

Set a purpose before scheduling the ladder drills into your workout plan. If you want to increase foot quickness, focus on drills that require fast foot movements. If range of mobility is the goal, focus on agility drills.

The quick feet drill is the simplest drill of all. The athlete will run through the ladder by placing two feet inside each box. This can be done running forward, sideways, and backwards.

The hop scotch is a good drill for coordination. Just like the old grade school game, it develops coordination, balance, and foot quickness. Perform this drill forward and going backward.

The shuffle is a good drill that teaches how to plant and cut during straight sprints. Start on the side of the ladder and move the inside leg first in and in-in-out pattern. Do this going forward and backward.

These are time tested and proven exercises that add to an athlete’s repertoire. The agility ladder adds another aspect to your overall condition. Weights can add strength, but agility comes with the mastering of repetitive movements.



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