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Top 3 Simple Training Exercises To Increase Your Vertical

The top questions the majority of our customers ask is "how do I increase my vertical?"  We all know that there are a plethora of exercises recommended by trainers and professionals that are out on the internet that shows you the many ways to increase your vertical jump from calf training to plyometric jump training.  We consolidated these exercises to 3 of our most popular and effective exercises for individuals of all skill levels.  All you will need is your strength shoes, a jump rope, and a flight of stairs.

1 - Jump Rope

Why we suggest the jump rope because it is the most popular and easy to learn exercises that covers both strength and agility.  Most people have experience with jump roping but doing so with your strength shoes will increase the resistance on your calves and therefore accelerate calf strengthening with a consistent jump roping routine in which you gradually increase you jump roping duration and repetitions over time.

For those that have not used a jump rope before, it can be learned in three easy steps.  First, hold the jump rope at both ends and place he middle of the rope behind both feet.  Next, swing the rope over your head with your wrist or arms moving forward in a circular motion.  Lastly, as you swing the rope and it approaches the your feet, jump over the rope and repeat steps 1 through 3. 

2 - Broad Jump

The broad jump is a popular exercise because it doesn't involve any extra equipment to engage in this exercise.  The broad jump increases strength that effectively cuts down sprint times and increase jump height.  The further you can jump with the broad jump determines your horizontal displacement, meaning it measures how powerful your legs and core are while jumping forward.  This directly relates to how fast you are going to sprint and how high you are going to jump.

In order to perform an effective broad jump with the strength shoe, stand with your feet at should width separation and have your arms up in the air as your starting position.  Next, begin the motion by generating momentum with your arms.  To do so, swing your arms back behind you as you bend your knees and thrust your hips backwards.  Next, swing your arms and hips forward as you propel yourself off the ground with your legs.  Lastly, you land on both feet as far as you can horizontally jump and repeat from the starting position.

3 - Stair Running

Stair running is a great exercise for overall health and fitness for your legs and calves.  Stair running is exactly what it sounds like, running up a set of stairs and back down.  The proper stair running technique requires that you sprint up the stairs to train your explosive power, and a controlled and steady descend back down the stairs to train your balance through the development of body control and stabilization.  The motion that you use when running up the stairs is a high knee lift that improves power in the quads to increase sprint times by decreasing foot strike times.  



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