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How Increasing Your Vertical Will Make You Faster

Each and every workout has its indirect benefits. For those who are asking “how do I increase my vertical,” the athletes are concentrated on jumping higher. As any professional trainer understands, many workouts and movements can be translated into other attributes. Don’t be solely focused on your jumping ability – be open to doing other workouts because it will make you a well-rounded athlete that will have the ability and readiness for that one instance to beat your opponent.

The most important muscles for sprints are the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, and the calves. These major groups of muscles are responsible for the explosion needed for that quick burst of speed. Sprinting involves the human body to move on a horizontal and minimal vertical plane. Jumping involves the same muscle groups – the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves are involved, but movement is mostly on a vertical basis. What should be noted here is that jumping and sprinting are dependent on each other in sports – your goal is to get to the target in the quickest instance possible. In laymen’s terms, you sprint to the hoop to grab the rebound. By focusing on the secondary movements that lead up to the primary motion, you will become a quicker, better, and faster athlete.

One of the best ways to build explosion in your quadriceps are sprint bursts. These short bursts of speed will activate the fast twitch muscle fibers needed for quick reaction, and will create the strength needed for jumping. To do this, find a flat stretch of space about 60 yards in distance. The idea is that within this space, your sprint will be in full stride. Sprint that 60 yards and when you reach the end, walk the same distance back to the start point. Ideally, 6-8 repetitions are enough to build strength and explosion, but not overwork the muscles of diminishing return and injury.

The other necessary muscle group that is key to explosion are the calves. To work out the gastrocnemius, calf raises are effective. For those that are more advanced and serious, the is the most effective and dynamic to increase your vertical. One good work out is to wear these shoes and perform 4 sets of 10 squats along with lunges. To increase the intensity, performing jump ropes while wearing the strength shoes will not just increase muscle strength and explosion, but balance and core strength.

Training and working out can become mundane, especially when trying to achieve a certain attribute or fitness goal. Try other workouts because they will benefit your goals indirectly. Just like life, be open in your perspective.



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