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Football Practice Equipment: Speed And Strength Training Beyond The Pigskin

explosive strength training

Practice makes perfect, practice makes perfect, and practice makes perfect.  That's what your always told and that is exactly correct every time you hear it.  As athletes, we prepare ourselves for friday, saturday, or sunday games by getting on the field and running individual and team drills with the team.  It's all about working as a team and working on your technique.  But beyond getting the ball the the open receiver or making the right block for your quarterback, as athletes, we must also work on our own physical strength and speed for the benefit of the team.  That is when you ask yourself the "how to increase running speed" question and what type of speed training equipment and strength training program do I need to to use in order to improve myself?

There are so many products out on the market that advertise as the best strength training equipment but there are a few that have stood the test of time.  Explosive power training has always been a focal point for football coaches and players to get off the line faster than that guy lined up on the other side.  Players throughout the decades have depended on strength training equipment that have withstood the test of time such as the weighted vest, the speed resistance parachute, and calf muscle building shoes.  Explosive strength training involves all three core factors which include calf and leg strengthening, sprint resistance training, and increased agility.  These types of products have seen more than their fair share of use on football training fields across America due to their proven reliability to improve a players performance in all three categories that makeup explosive power off the line.

With all this talk about explosive power, why is it important anyways?  The answer is simple, its because you want to roll right through your opponent when you throw a lead block, when you tackle, and when you want to beat the tackle in front of you on a stunt package.  The main ingredient to building explosive power when using resistant training equipment such as those listed above is to work with short reps and explosive fast movements.  This will help with both acceleration speed and deceleration speed (which is just as important as acceleration: ever heard of players that could "stop on a dime?")  Sprinting with weighted vests and parachutes helps activate the glues, quads, and hamstrings to increase your "burst" speeds.  That split second between the snap and your target sack is the difference between getting a sack or getting pancaked by the tight end. 



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