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Got 35 Seconds? The 6 Dynamic Stretches You Probably Aren’t Doing To Stay Healthy

The mantra in workout plans is to workout harder, faster, stronger. Crossfit exemplifies this belief and produces the most excellent results and muscle gains. The dangers of workout related injuries are increased, so it is vital proper stretching of the legs are performed prior to and after any exercise session. The beauty is that each stretch takes up 35 seconds of your life- find out how and get it done.

The iliotibial band is a long fibrous connective tissue in the hip that connects key muscles in the thigh. The IT band is important in stabilizing the knee and is engaged when walking, running, cycling, hiking, or performing any sports. To stretch the IT band, grab the versatile Rumble Roller and lie on it with the outside of the thigh. Allow the roller to go from the hip to the knee.

Simply stand on one leg while using a stationary wall to support balance. Bend the free leg backwards towards the glutes and grab the foot with the hand on the engaged side.

Stand with legs shoulder width part with toes pointing outwards at a 45 degree angle. Bend at the hip and try to touch the ground in front. With eventual progression in flexibility, walk the hands forward to increase the intensity of the stretch. Widening the leg stance also increases difficulty of the movement.

A great way to activate the glutes, hip extensions, and strengthen the core. To perform this, lie down with the back on the ground and heels planted, so the knees are bent. Lift the hips upward, so the glutes are off the ground. Next, straighten one leg out and lift it towards the ceiling in a slow sustained manner. Repeat on the other side.

The stretch that encompasses all muscles of the legs. Place hands on hips and take a step forward while allowing the knee of the rear trailing leg to touch the ground. Come back up and take another step forward with the opposite side.

To prevent what happened to Kobe Bryant, simply find a wall and place the heel of one foot firmly against it. Take a small step forward with the opposite leg and reach down towards the floor. Intensity can be increased later with a larger step. Be sure to keep the affected leg straight, but do not lock the knee. 

These stretches can be done as part of a morning workout routine, or as office workplace stretches. Nonetheless, they are important in maintaining the vitality of your body and preserving the integrity of the workout regimen. Although 35 seconds of stretching does not seem like a long time, flexibility and strength will gradually be enhanced. Your body will love you for this maybe not now, but later in age. As always, consult a medical professional prior to starting any new workout.




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