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Want To Know How To Jump Higher? Perform These 5 Plyometric Exercises

March Madness is right around the corner and one can’t help to think how unfortunate we were from missing out on the roster if we could only jump higher. Well, fear not because in this week’s article, we’ll demonstrate five simple workouts that’ll make you physically fit. We’ll leave the shooting and other important skills to you. Continue reading below to become a better basketball player.

This yoga workout strengthens the core muscles that are needed for vertical jump. Simply start in the pushup position and graduate into a right side plank where only the right hand and foot is contacting the floor, with the left hand and foot raised into the air. Transition to the opposite side so the left side is worked out.

This balancing leg and core workout forces the body to focus on stability. Grab a pair of dumbbells and while holding them in each hand, take a step backwards with one leg and dip the rear knee down to the ground. Repeat this for the other leg.

This explosive movement will ensure quick movement on the basketball court. Perform this workout by doing a squat. Once in the lower position, engage your body to explode from this position and jump as high as you can. Upon coming back to the ground, try to land softly into a squat position and repeat.

The jump rope is one of the most basic but effective workouts for cardiovascular endurance and overall strength. If used with a weighted jump rope, it will add to the training provided that will improve control, balance, and coordination. It will also engage the calf and shin muscles, critical on the basketball court.

This strength workout engages the core and abdomen muscles, while combining with that of the back and arms. Simply hang from a bar with the legs dangling and lift the knees up to the stomach in a slow and controlled manner, doing the same with the lowering of the legs. Try to compress the abdominal muscles and keep the legs together.

Plyometric workouts are the best training exercises because it relies upon performing movements that are utilized in team sports. Whether it’s for mens fitness or women, the 5 listed above will ensure a quick path to a summer body. As always, consult a medical professional prior to starting any workout.



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