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Don’t Be April’s Fool: Get Ahead for Football Spring Training with These Must Do Workouts


With basketball season coming to a close, spring brings other things besides the bloom. As the transition to another sport beings with early football weight training sessions and plyometrics, seize the initiative through preparedness. Spring ball is right around the corner and getting in shape at this critical juncture means an early start now will ensure a strong finish come December. Reap future dividends by paying with sweat through these essential drills and workouts.

One of the most important aspect of football today is power and explosion. The split squats is efficient in developing strong legs, size, or for increasing mobility. To perform this exercise, grab a bench or a chair that you can place your rear leg onto. Stand facing away from the bench and place the top of rear foot on the surface. Next, extend down into a squat with the knee of the front leg flexing until the rear knee is almost touching the floor. Come back up to complete one repetition. Typically, 3 sets of 10 repetitions are done.

In a typical crossfit training workout, the jump shrug combines the initial movement of the clean with a squat and shoulder shrugs. The core workout combined with the jump movement focuses on explosive power that can be replicated on the gridiron. To perform this weight exercise, you’ll need a barbell loaded with a reasonable amount of weight comparable to your clean. Stand shoulder width apart and with the back straight, squat down to pick up the barbell. Ensure the wrists are slightly flexed and the arms straight, come up off the floor by extending the knees and hips into a jump. During the jump, shrug the shoulders superiorly towards the top of the head and land softly. Perform 3 sets of 10 reps for this.

Icky Shuffles

Foot speed and hand eye coordination are rehearsed and improved using this workout. To perform this exercise, you’ll first need an agility ladder. The starting position is with both feet standing at the end of the ladder, to the side of the first square. Step laterally into the first square with each foot, then step out on the other side with the outside foot first and then the inside foot. Then place the foot that is next to the ladder into the next square, followed by the outside foot. Step outside with the outside foot first, then the inside. Keep a steady, short and concise pattern and tempo throughout. When more acclimated, do this drill at faster intervals. Ideally, the intricate footwork will allow for quicker movement for cuts and route running. To increase the intensity, wearing a weighted vest will simulate the weight of football pads and helmet.

The better physical shape you are going into spring ball, the more focus can be placed on learning the playbook and developing chemistry between teammates. Winter session becomes a dead period for football players and although rest and recovery is necessary for any athlete, having an early start means an advantage over competitors. Play until the whistle blows, every down. As always, consult a medical professional prior to beginning any exercise program.



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