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Sprint Towards a Summer Body By Running Track and Field

In today’s workout plans, many people misconstrue the technique on how to gain muscle mass with how to build lean muscle. Lifting weights will definitely add on bulk, but sprint interval training is the most effective way to lean out and get into shape quickly. Want to learn how to get ripped or get that bikini body? Continue reading to find out why running on the track like Usain Bolt is healthy for you.

The key to creating a lean physique with ripped abs does not entail endless sit-ups or other core exercise. It is important in shedding the fat that is above the abdominal muscles. If the muscles are not fully developed, it can be easily bulked once the fat is lost. Sprint interval training shrinks the love handles and creates the coveted “V” that comes with well-developed and defined lower abs.

Sprinting sheds body fat away quickly. It also builds core muscles, resulting in strong and defined abs and legs. Energy levels and motivation increase as a result, and are additional benefits. Running to burn fat and create lean muscle is best in a workout plan that requires sprint interval training, which utilizes intense but short bursts of energy, followed with periods of rest.

Sprint interval training also increases the body’s metabolism to burn more fat. Traditional or should we say, more conventional methods of cardiovascular exercises focus on longer distance running that loses muscle over the long-term. The body also learns how to become efficient with long endurance exercises, that results in the body’s metabolic rate slowing down. By performing interval sprinting, the body engages in metabolic flexibility that increases the total net caloric spent over a day. In other words, the body needs to utilize more resources due to the spikes in energy demand that does not allow the body to figure out an efficient method of working out.

Now that the benefits are understood, start out with this sample sprint interval training program. Once the body is accustomed to it, mix it up with different variations of footwork or adding adjustable hurdles to break up the routine with different bursts of speed.

Most exercise experts recommend a 6-week sprint interval training program. Within this program, perform 4 to 6 sprints that are each 30 seconds in duration with a 4 minute walking pace interval between each sprint. Perform 2-3 sets of these sprints but progressively increase the duration, speed, and sets over the passing weeks. Additionally, do the sprint 2-3 times a week on non-consecutive days. If you are not in any shape to perform sprints, run-walk intervals at a moderate or light jog will suffice until acclimated to the tempo needed.

Although sprinting and running will result in a loss of weight and body fat, it is important to maintain a reasonable and healthy diet without increasing caloric intake. Most folks eat to work out and as true as this is, it works for muscle building and gaining mass – not for leaning out. Keeping these important facts in mind will go a long way in getting the summer body that’s always been allusive. Remember to check with a medical professional prior to beginning any work out regime.



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