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Be Leaner, Live Longer, and Get Larger: Add Longevity to Your Body With 3 Simple Stretches

We at Strength Systems are well known for the high quality weight training vest and calf building shoes we make. We are good at what we do because simply, we live and breathe for those early morning work out plans. Sometimes stagnation occurs but have no fear, exercising is much like life: we learn new things each day. Don’t stick to the mundane gym equipment workouts, add spice to the exercise plans with these three must do stretches that’ll add longevity to your body.

Breathing is an obvious important component of living. Without proper oxygen exchange at the molecular level, we wouldn’t be the organism we are, or at all. Some people breathe through their mouths, others through the nostrils. While both techniques have their varying benefits, it is important to engage the diaphragm. By having a proper form, diaphragm breathing will aid to lower blood pressure under moments of physical stress, lower heart rate and cardiac demand, and aid in carbon dioxide exchange – important in the prevention of lactic acid build up. A simple way of training proper breathing technique is to lay down on your back. Using a deep, slow, and controlled inhalation, breathe in with the belly, followed by the chest. Pause for a split second, and then slowly exhale with puckered lips. Ideally, the exhalation period will be longer than inhalation. Exhaling with puckered lips allows for additional carbon dioxide to be vented. Do this routine nice and slowly for 3 to 5 minutes, but avoid excessive short shallow breathes as that will lead to hyperventilation.

The crucifix stretch not only stretches out the core muscles and the upper body, but promote good posture. To perform this dynamic stretch, stand tall and straight with each arm out to the sides. With the head facing forward in a neutral position, rotate the palms upwards and puff up the chest. Hold this position for 5 seconds for one repetition. Perform this stretch upwards of 10 times. To full enhance the session, perform the crucifix stretch with the deep diaphragm breathing technique.

For any avid golfer or follower of the PGA Tour, the demise of Tiger Woods’s game is due to declining physicality. Tiger Woods is constantly attributing his back injuries to “not engaging his glues.” Any activity that involves the hips such as running, walking, or golf requires stability in the rear. Sedentary lifestyle and simple overlook causes gluteal amnesia. To remedy that, stand with the legs slightly wider than shoulder width apart, feet pointed out at 45 degrees away from the body. Contract both left and right gluteal muscles tightly and hold for a duration of 30 seconds. For visualization aid, imagine an orange between the buttocks that you’re trying to squeeze. Perform this stretch and exercise one time a day to retrain muscle memory and to build strength.

Many people credit yoga for adding not only years, but flexibility to their lives. Properly stretching and elongating the muscles prevent injuries from occurring and boost performance levels. Perform these great stretches and spend more of your summer days injury-free. As always, consult a medical professional prior to beginning any exercise regimen.



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