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Don’t Just Watch Stephen Curry in the NBA Finals, Train and Play Like Him

Watching Steph Curry drive through lines, making cuts left and right while finding that narrows space to take a turn around jump shot is exciting. Never has the NBA been electrified by a player of this caliber since the days of Michael Jordan (yeah, we’re a bit biased against Kobe Bryant). You probably think that he’s a rare breed of an athlete that encompasses basketball talent with natural ability. Hate to break it to ya bud, but Curry is as methodical with his training as he is with his perfect shooting form. The summer is upon is and NOW is the time for basketball training. Grab an agility ladder, weighted vest, and find a basketball court because we’re going to show you how you can pop off like Curry in your next pickup game.

Footwork is essential to the way Curry plays. Not just the intricacies of the movement, but also raw speed and power. Basketball is literally a game of inches, so having precise footwork can not only throw off opponents with feigns, but create separation to get a shot off. One way to develop great coordination are ladder drills. Read up on our December 2014 post for a list of speed and agility ladder drills.

A good basketball dribble sets up Stephen Curry for a great shot – it puts him in a great position and also creates space needed for a pull up jumper. Having dexterity and control is important in the dribble. One of his important workout involves dribbling two basketballs, one in each hand. The point of this exercise is the practicing of dribbling in all different types of situations, and also makes the player focus on dribbling or shooting. It also makes him a stronger dribbler – the quicker the ball gets from the ground to the hand in a bounce, the faster you can run. By alternating hands, Curry becomes amber dexterous.


Lastly, Stephen Curry works a lot on developing his explosive speed and power. The hips and legs are the source of his quickness, and he works relentlessly with resistance bands and weighted vests to incorporate more strength in his movements. In the video below, Curry engages in typical movements that are needed to beat a defender: the initial move from the triple threat position and pulling up for a jump shot. These basketball workouts are the reason why Curry is so explosive off the dribble and pop off a shot without hesitation.

There you have it – how Stephen Curry is so good at basketball. It is no secret about how hard he works in order to be in the position he is in now. In competitive sports, players in any given league are as talented as everyone else. It comes down to grit, determination, and the little nuances that makes one shine. In the case of Curry, it’s his relentless passion and off season training that sets him apart.



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