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Listen Up! Top Workout Myths De-Bunked

The misinformation of the internet age has really been a phenomena of sorts. Granted, the World Wide Web was created with the original intention of information sharing. But just like any messages being passed through various proxies, the information on the web has been much like the telephone game. So many myths and false information are being perpetuated as fact. Well we’re going to be just like Los Angeles native, Paul Piece, and provide all yall the truth about working out and staying healthy.

The need to drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

Our bodies are composed mainly of water. Water is important in flushing out the toxins in your body and ensure a properly functioning kidney system. So yes, you should be drinking water, especially if you’re avoiding sugar loaded drinks such as soda and juice. But too much hydration can be a bad thing, and there is not a specific number of water needed (the eight glasses myth). The general rule of thumb is to drink enough water so your urine is pale yellow. The darker your pee, the more dehydrated you are.

Being thin is healthy, being thicker is not.

Looks are generally deceiving because you can’t tell how healthy an individual is based on external appearances. A thin person can be extremely unhealthy if they smoke, eat unhealthy, and don’t work out. It is also possible that someone who has an “overweight” body mass index (BMI) to work out regularly, eat healthy and follow healthy habits to be in better shape than the skinnier and skinnier by appearance individual. We all come in different shapes and sizes by nature, so embrace and love yourself, and live well. See our article about the body mass index (BMI).

Targeting certain body parts for weight loss.

We see this time and time again. People go into the gym looking to get a flatter stomach by performing endless amounts of ab exercises such as crunches and leg lifts, while avoiding cardio or other important core workouts. The truth is that working out specific muscle groups can make the targeted muscles stronger, but will do nothing for the overall body fat. Muscle will not melt away fat. Rather, the muscle will grow and become stronger underneath the fat you have. Rather, modify your lifestyle by incorporating a healthier diet and full body workouts because the body loses fat evenly.

Taking vitamins and supplements is healthy.

The vitamin and nutrition supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar cash cow. Vitamins and nutrients are extremely important to your health, but it is better to get that from a regular diet. Supplements are designed for people who have deficiencies due to malabsorption or a medical condition. Rather, eat a balanced diet that will provide fiber and important vitamins and minerals and you’ll save a lot of money from avoiding costly visits to the local supplement shop.

Running and cardio are the best exercises to lose weight.

According to well respected exercise physiologist and author of Mind Over Head Chatter: The Psychology of Athletic Success, Greg Justice, metabolic resistance training is a much more efficient way to burn fat than running.

By doing traditional weight-lifting and strength exercises quickly and at near-maximum effort with little rest time between sets, you increase your body metabolic rate that lasts up to 24-36 hours after a workout session. In comparison with running, your body goes back to a normal metabolic rate after a few hours. By alternating workouts between various muscle groups, you allow your body to “rest” while the other parts are working. It is an incredibly intense workout session where 20-25 minutes of it will be more effective than an hour of treadmill time. Additionally, MMA strength training and adding equipment such as weighted vests or ankle weights will add to the intensity to the session. Get creative and compound different workout routines with each other and you will surely see some results!

There you go, the secrets of the trade that many sports trainer and fitness experts employ on their clients. As always, consult a medical professional prior to the start of any new exercise regimen. Now, go out there and get it. Train hard, live better.



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