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Keep Off The Winter Weight With Weighted Jump Ropes: The Most Effective 3 Workouts To Stay Slim

With the cooling of the weather means the transition to fall and the end of summer flings. All the long summer nights of brews and summer bods means the excessive caloric intake you’ve been ingesting will mean an inch or two of “winter weight” around your waist. There’s no reason to be fat to stay warm in this day and age. Keep fit and healthy with our favorite exercises with your new best friend: the weighted jump rope. Get to know it and love it, because you’re going to transform yourself with this simple piece of equipment.

Jump rope is not for kids and aspiring Olympians. As purported by many, jumping is one of the most efficient and effective methods of cardiovascular exercise that will aid in losing weight, and maintaining a healthy and slim body with lean muscles. Add in some resistance in the form of weight, and this exercise becomes beastly.

The basic rope jump is far from that: it is really the imagery we have in our head when we think of jump roping. It’s a very simple workout to perform that you do holding the handles of the rope in each hand at a 45 degree angle that is roughly a foot away from your body. Simply swing the rope over your head and while the rope approaches your feet and the ground, jump off the “balls” of your feet.

To elevate the basic rope jump, try performing the exercise using the alternating single leg method. Much like skipping, you can perform this workout with many different variations. Simply jump off one leg when the rope approaches the ground. You can use one leg for an entire minute, or alternative leg between each jump. To mimic the type of workouts one does with an agility ladder, jump using distinct patterns. For example, jump off the left leg two times, then switch to the right. Get creative with this, as these complex footwork and patterns will allow you to develop agility and unpredictability on the court and field.

Lastly, the high knee jump rope is one that will further amplify the difficulty you experienced from the alternating leg jump. To perform this workout, just lift your knees so it forms a 90 degree angle to your body when the rope approaches your feet and the ground. The explosion of power that’s needed to elevate your knees high target the core muscles that will help you obtain a flat stomach and abs, or to jump higher.

Being active is a lifelong dedication. Much like any trade, being an athlete requires long hours and constant honing of the body and coordination. Release the inner athlete inside of yourself by maintaining a fit body and living a healthy lifestyle. As always, consult a medical professional prior to engaging in any new exercise regimen.



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