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Don’t Stink – Keep Your Gym Clothes Smelling Good With These Must Know Tips

Ever lift weights or run on the treadmill and smell that funky person next to you, and cringe? It’s unbearable and embarrassing. Well chances are, that will be you someday. Don’t be that smelly person at the gym everyone avoids the minute you sit down at your machine. Keep your gym clothes in tip top shape with these tips.

When you get home from the gym and you don’t have time to wash your clothes, try to dry them out. Hang them up instead of tossing them into a hamper or leaving it in your gym bag. Clothes that are moist and sweaty can start to form mold and mildew spores – especially if you leave them piled upon each other where moisture cannot evaporate. They can even form after washing, so allowing them to properly dry reduces the instance of mildew, mold, and that funky smell.

This next tip is a quick and easy way to disarm bacteria and make your workout clothes smell better. When you get home or a chance, mix one part vinegar with four parts water and soak your clothes in them for 30 minutes, then was them. You can even add vinegar or baking soda to the washer, but make sure you don’t combine it if your detergent has bleach – the mixing of the chemicals can cause harmful odors and even burns.

Lastly, the power of the sun is underrated. For clothes that you can’t toss into the dryer if they are made out of special moisture wicking fiber, or if you want to save electricity, hang dry them in the sun. The powerful UV rays is nature’s way of deterring bacteria, and the breeze helps air out the clothes.

Before you toss your clothes in the hot wash or with bleach, be sure to read the labels on your gym clothes. Cotton can be washed with hot water and harsh detergent, but certain moisture wicking fibers need to be washed with delicate items or cycle. Generally speaking, washing with water and allowing your items time to soak is key because certain fabrics and skin care items repel waters. Some detergent, skin oils, fabric softeners, Spandex, or Lycra are known to repel water, so allow items containing these elements to penetrate deep down into the fibers.

It is inevitable that your gym clothes will break down or become laden with mildew or bacteria, so be sure to change them out. Workout clothes are built tough, but you put them through stress when you’re running and stretching out your shorts, or putting tension on the seams of your shirt when you’re playing a pickup game of basketball. It’s important to be hygienic because bacteria build up can cause skin infections.

As always, consult a medical professional if you’re starting to experience abnormal skin conditions, such as a rash or any kind of redness. Hope this article has been helpful for all you gym rats out there. Until next time.



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