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The TOP 3 Fitness Gifts for the Gym Rat

‘Tis the season for a cooler season, gut stuffing turkey dinners, and the treaded Christmas shopping season. What is more wonderful during the season of giving, than fighting hordes of shoppers for a parking space and long waits in the checkout queue? Well, that answer is simple. It’s buying a present other than a gift card. When the gift card first rolled off the production line, it was instant salvation for the friends, families, and acquaintances that have always been thoughtless in your world. The messiah of the gifting world is now a societal faux-pau, and you’re forced to become this thoughtful being that you were never purposed for. Well my inconsiderate friend, here is a crib sheet to get your workout obsessed fiend in your life. Recipient satisfaction aside, we cannot guarantee you’ll make it out of the stores without your sanity.

Strength Brand Stretching Strap

If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer that won’t deflate your wallet, look no further than the stretch strap. Pre-workout stretches and post-workout stretches are vital, especially as one gets older. Our assumption is that since you’re forced to gift somebody, you’ve reached that age where being a juvenile and broke is no longer your excuse. Stretching is good, because it elongates the muscle fibers, and also warms them up for whichever exercise you’re going to blast through. Y’all heard that old adage: if you don’t use it, you lose it. Well flexibility is one of those things you’ll be losing with age, along with your hairline. Avoid careless injuries by stretching.

Strength Shoe To Increase Your Vertical and Jump Higher

Got a more agile peer that is able to dribble a basketball without forgetting about it or losing the ball (ahem, Kobe Bryant), well help them actualize those athletic capabilities before father time robs them of precious hand-eye coordination and elevation. One of the bestselling and most effective proven products to help increase your vertical and jump higher is the strength shoe. Not only does it seriously build up the leg muscles needed to dunk a basketball, it’ll make you run faster and improve your balance.

Oster Blender

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Lastly, the gift of proper nutrition transcends all ages and interests. The Oster Blend-N-Go blender with the travel bottle makes having a smoothie a breeze. By combining the portability of the bottle into the blending container, you simply toss in what you want in your smoothie and have it blended without the need to change or spill your contents into another bottle. Remember, nutrition is a large portion of meeting your fitness goals. If you’re hitting the gym hard and stuffing burgers, chances are you’re not in caloric deficit – you might be even gaining weight. Watch what you eat, so you’ll have a better time watching yourself in the mirror.

In all seriousness, have fun folks during this special time of the year. But don’t just be kind and giving now – keep it going all year. Remember, positive vibes attract positive souls. Have a great time and be safe. Train today, own tomorrow and next year!



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