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30 is Not the New 20: Utilize This Workout Plan for Women Over 30

Our cultural icon and authority Armando Christian Perez, colloquially known as Pitbull, is forever immortalized with the claim that 40 is the new 30. However he attempts to keep relevant in a society that tossed Carson Daly off MTV’s TRL the moment he turned 30, we all know that is not the case. Just because you’re thirty, errm… twenty, it doesn’t mean you should take your body for granted. Work out smarter and provide longevity to your legs with these workouts geared to women over 30 years old – I meant to say 20 years old. Dale!

With a busy life, especially mid-career and mid-life, time becomes a commodity for many of us. However, you should still aim for at least thirty minutes of cardio and strength exercises a day, three times a week. Though some of our workouts are geared towards more active women, other activities such as walking, dancing, or chores can be substituted. By simplifying your routine into cardio and strength training, it’ll make your workout sessions effective, dynamic, and less distracting.

For the cardio routine, we like to incorporate high intensity interval training, or HIIT, as our bread and butter routine. It is low cost because you are not required to own any fancy gym equipment. What is listed below is a recommendation. Adjust and tailor accordingly to fitness level by either increasing or decreasing the duration, or utilize different movements. But what we recommend is 20 seconds of each movement followed by a 10 second rest period. Perform these workouts for a total of 2-3 cycles.

  • Jumping Jacks: A classic workout fixture. 20 seconds of hard and high jacks will suffice.
  • Burpees: Perform a pushup and while coming up, transition directly onto your feet and into the up/explosive phase of a jump squat for one repetition. Hit this for a good 20 seconds.
  • Plank Jacks: Get into plank position, just like the starting position of a pushup. Perform the plank jack by keeping your hands or arms steady, and jumping your feet out wide and back in for one repetition. Plank jack for a good 20 seconds.
  • Sprints: Run flat out for 20 seconds.
  • Jump Squats: A regular squat, but on steroids. Perform a squat but when coming up, jump as high as you can while extending your arms and legs. Come back down softly into the down phase of the squat for one repetition. Get ripped and explosive for 20 seconds.

The strength routine we recommend utilizes weights. Weight training is known to help against osteoporosis, strengthen bones and muscles, and still provide good caloric burn while aiding in positively affecting blood pressure. Our routine is fairly simple, but effective. We recommend 12 repetitions of each workout, and 3 sets of repetitions. Find a weight or resistance that will leave your muscles fatigued near the end of the set.

  • Squats: Just like the cardio workout, but with weights. Maintain good posture and form to avoid injuries.
  • Deadlifts: Targets your legs and back.
  • Rows: Strengthen the lower back with this workout.
  • Bench Press: It encompasses one of the major core muscles of your body: the chest. Yet it also helps to tone and strengthen the arms and to a certain extent, the shoulders.

As always, consult a medical professional prior to beginning any new exercise, new workout routines, or the latest diet trend. By incorporating these workouts, any women will be proud to be over 30 20 years old. Stay sexy and fit, and strong.



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