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Coffee and Working Out: How Getting Jacked Will Get You Jacked

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We often hear of people maximizing their gym sessions by taking a pre-workout supplement, usually in the form of an energy boost. We also hear stories of people drinking energy drinks such as Red Bull prior to a sporting event. While caffeine is known to increase the sympathetic nervous system (the fight in the fight or flight syndrome), it can cause arrhythmias (bad and sometimes deadly heart rhythms), studies have been mixed about their health benefits. Turns out chugging coffee may actually lower your risk of dying prematurely.

Coffee is a drink that often divides the health community. It is addiction forming due to our reliance upon it as a stimulant. Without it, we experience physical and mental withdrawal symptoms. Though it is not chastised on the level of recreational drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, people to abstain from the liquid. Daily and frequent coffee consumption is also the culprit behind enamel staining of our teeth and being the ultimate romance killer through coffee breath. However, in a study conducted by the Department of Nutrition from the Harvard School of Public Health, there is some correlating evidence that suggests people who drank coffee lived a bit longer than nondrinkers.

In the study published in November 2015, there is an association between a higher consumption of total coffee, whether caffeinated or decaffeinated, and the lower risk of total mortality. Over the span of thirty years, researchers followed over 200,000 doctors and nurses by having periodic physical examinations along with the surveying of coffee habits. For nonsmokers who had a cup of coffee a day, there was a 6% reduced risk of death. People who drank one to three cups a day lowered their risk to 8%. Folks who had three to five cups resulted in a 15% decrease, while anything more than five cups decreased to 12%. Coffee drinking also correlated with a reduction of death from stroke, diabetes, suicide, heart disease, and neurological causes.

To summarize, drinking coffee might lower your chances with mortality rates. Though this study is inconclusive and there are difficulties in determining if coffee really is good for your health, its best to exercise caution. Having a good workout plan, exercising, and eating foods from healthy recipes will ultimately be beneficial than relying on a magical pill or gulping down coffee.



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