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New Years, New You. One Simple Trick to Reach Your Goals

It’s another year, so that means a clean slate as far as not meeting personal and professional goals. Tried losing weight or getting a job promotion and it didn’t work out? Do things right by increasing the chances of success with this one trick that will surly actualize your dreams and aspirations.

One of the most important aspects to setting goals and making your New Year’s resolution come true is by verbalizing and writing. As reported by NPR, a study conducted by Jordan Peterson at the University of Toronto demonstrated the power behind putting pen to paper. In an exercise conducted over two years that had students participate in a writing assignment that detailed important moments in their lives, they were more likely to achieve their goals.

The process of writing down goals is part of the goal-setting theory, where writing goals down allows one to overcome any setbacks or obstacles that may arise. The rationale behind this outcome is attributed to mental motivation. By expressing a goal and reflecting on the past, it encourages individuals to create a plan and strategies in reaching the desired outcome. In other words, it’s a type of commitment or mental contractual agreement you made by spelling out what you want to do. By doing so, you are more likely to figure out how you’re going to get there, and anticipate what type of barriers you’ll have to get past.

Apply the goal-setting theory to every aspect of your life. Whether you’re trying to learn how to jump higher, run faster, get a job promotion, or even ask out that girl or guy you’ve been eyeing, it is important to write things down as part of the process of setting goals and meeting them. Personally, writing a set of short-term goals, things that can be realistically achieved during the year, and one long-term goal that is slightly out of reach helps. It is important to know yourself and what is realistic, because achieving goals becomes uplifting. If you make goals that are really unobtainable such as becoming a billionaire or dating Kate Hudson, you’re going to be facing failure after failure.

Get up off your butt and take advantage of a brand spanking New Year. Grab your jump rope, weighted vest, self-improvement books, or simply better attitude and take on the world. Stop making excuses, and start reaching your goals.



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