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The Freak Mk.II: How Shaq Lawson Became a Physical Freak and Beast of Nature

The NCAA College Football Championship Game of Alabama versus Clemson was one heck of a hum dinger. Judging both teams on paper, the Alabama Crimson Tide were the far superior squad just based on previous recruiting classes and potential NFL caliber players. To sum it up, ‘Bama had the biggest, baddest, and fastest players in all of college football. No disrespect to the Clemson Tigers, who had to constantly prove doubters each and every week. They even had to do so in the championship game. As we all know, the game ended 45-40, and could have gone to either team. A big reason why Clemson had such a stellar season was due largely in part to their star defensive end that wreaked havoc: Shaq Lawson. Find out part of the equation of how Shaq Lawson became the beast he is today, aside from his genetics.

Shaq Lawson draws many parallels to Javon Kearse, for those who followed football religiously in the early 2000’s. Both men are well over six feet in height, and both men are agile, strong, and quick. They basically have the agility of a linebacker, but with the added benefits of a big husky lineman. Despite their gifted physical abilities, both men had to devote a lot of time to fine tuning to reach the capabilities that they have.

One of the most important aspect to Shaq Lawson’s play is the explosive strength he possess. One way of achieving that is through the use of weighted vests. A weight vest adds to the intensity of the workout. It also builds up strength, speed, and endurance, since you’re carrying extra weight that you will not have when on the gridiron. Lastly, Shaq Lawson’s ability to bring the pain lies in the added health benefit of his musculoskeletal system. Weight vests adds extra weight to the bones that can result in increased bone mass, due to the fact that your bones will naturally adapt to be stronger and denser to handle the extra weight.

Here are some really good workout drills that incorporate our favorite and most dynamic exercise equipment:


As always, inquire with a medical professional prior to beginning any new exercise regime or diet.



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