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Get Paid To Live Fit and Without a Formal Education: How Fitness Careers Are Worthwhile

With the job market becoming saturated with recent college graduates and a plethora of bachelors and master degreed job seekers, finding a job yet alone a career is extremely difficult. Why not get paid while getting fit, along with learning important life skills, and make a difference in the world. Find out more on why a fitness career as a personal trainer is beneficial both to your health and wallet.

One of the most complaints about our jobs is how mundane and repetitive the days are. As a fitness expert, your clientele is as diverse as they come, meaning they need to have customized workout plans. For example, you might need to tailor a womens workout to fit either a middle aged women, or a young adult. You also need to figure out what their goals are and get them there. In addition, clients need to be stimulated, so creating new workouts is a must. One must always think on their feet as a trainer.

Being a personal trainer is more than counting reps. It is being a life coach, client advocate, and a good communicator. These are all hallmarks of a successful person and is useful in the business world. Speaking to a client is no more different than making a sales pitch. In moments of weakness or resistance against a workout, a trainer must find a way to break through the target audience. Being in a casual environment such as the gym and with a client is a great way to obtain and sharpen communication skills.

Being a personal trainer means having financial options. Essentially, the job and paycheck is dependent on acquiring clients. This mean sales. By incentivizing the pay structure based on the amount of clients a trainer has, it makes you push yourself each and every day. It also means the possibility of opening one’s own gym and training, so the potential for earning a big paycheck is out there.

Personal training needs no certification or degrees. The best trainers out there combine both workout know how and a knowledge of the latest and best workouts to lose weight, workouts to gain muscle, how to jump higher, or workouts to stay fit. There are many companies that will certify a trainer, but sometimes it comes to having a person that has worked out for a long time, rather than a person who studied and has zero practical knowledge. The requirements do not necessitate a formal degree, which means anybody who knows how to work out and get results can potentially be a good trainer.

Lastly, being a personal trainer has some downtime between clients. There is no better way to sneak in a workout and avoid the gym rush, especially when you have the access and authority in the gym. It also has the possibility of creating your own hours, if you have clients who really like to train with you and are willing to work around your schedule. Typically this means morning and evening gym sessions, though it can be negotiable.

The most important factoid to take away from this week’s article is that there are plenty of jobs out there that can suit you physically, mentally, and soulfully. You just have to get out there and look, or start thinking outside of the box. As the internet Rule 34 implies: if you can think of it, it probably already exists. Now get there and own the world and your career.


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