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Balancing A Family and Fitness: How To Fit In a Short Daily Workout

As a young adult ...

As a young adult, finding time to work out was no sweat – I worked a 9 to 5 job that allowed me to hit the gym in the morning or after work. I would either go for a quick run or hike in the morning, and lift weights when I got off work. Weekends were great, because it allowed me the buffer to make up gym sessions that I missed, or go for a longer hike or even surf. I was in the best shape of my life. But when I got married and had kids, finding time became a difficult task. For all the young parents and adults out there, this here is an advice piece on how to develop a workout schedule and workout plans around the family life.

Change Can Be Hard

My life is quite busy nowadays, with my priority on work and my family. I generally wake up around 7 in the morning, get my kid ready for school, and head out to work by 8. I get off work around 5 and I get home around 630, but my time is spent preparing dinner and making sure my kid goes to bed, which is somewhere around the 9 range. By this time, I am usually exhausted, and crawling into bed. In order to stave off the ill effects of the dad bod, I devised various strategies to stay fit and to get into shape.

Being Strategic Is Key

I usually find one day a week to exercise, when I get off work early and have the energy to hit the gym, or when the weekend and wife allows me time away from the domestic duties. Because of the time constraint of not being able to have time to work out, I pay very close attention to my diet. A diet is everything, so I do my best to avoid processed foods, breads, carbs, sugars, and alcohol. Controlling the caloric intake became key in maintaining a healthy weight and body size.

The Proof is in the Pudding

According to Web MD, the average caloric intake for a male my age with a sedentary life style (let’s be real and not think of ourselves as moderately active or even active, unless you do pound the gym and sweat it all out 3 times a week) is roughly 2400 calories. For young females, it is about 2000 calories. What does that mean? You need to find foods that are nutrient rich, provide satiety, and minimal in calories. Personally, consuming roughly 1500 calories a day allows me room to skip workout days, though I do so at the peril of my cardiovascular health.

Learning How To Double Dip

An addition tactic that I devised is combining my workout into my daily schedule. For example, I am currently doing the squat challenge. I perform this while I’m preparing dinner. When I am at work, I put on a weighted vest to give my body the impression I am carrying extra weight, making my movements more difficult and thus giving me a challenge. I also to my best to take the stairs at work, and I do so in a proper fashion that mimics the step-ups one would perform in the gym. When I get up in the morning and my children are not yet awake, I go for quick sprint bursts on the block where I live. Though these workouts are not the ideal, it allows me for some decent cardio, and strength training. The workouts also allow me to rejuvenate my perspective with my family, as I do feel the frustrations as most normal people from doing so much.

Final Words

All in all, just find creative ways to stay healthy. Allowing for a healthy body and mind will give you a healthy life and relationships. I shall provide updates as I progress. As always, consult a medical professional before beginning any type of workout or diet.

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