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Gain an Edge on the Competition with Strength Shoes

The Original Strength Shoes are perfect for the athlete looking to gain an edge on the competition through rigorous workout routines and specialized training processes. Strength Shoes are designed to maximize the benefits of your strength building exercises, and they feature exclusive Strength Systems technology that cannot be found with any other product on the market.


High quality strength training equipment is a must have for any athlete who takes their sport and their physical condition seriously, and no strength system is complete without our Strength Shoes.

Did you know that Strength Shoes are the only plyometric training shoes available?

That’s right!

The unique technology is guaranteed to increase your vertical jump by 5 to 10 inches, all while increasing your speed, power, and coordination in record time.

Our Strength Shoes are without a doubt the fastest way to maximize your athletic potential and increase your performance capabilities, and we provide all the necessary tools to help guide you on the path to success. The Strength Shoes come with a variety of tools to ensure workout success: an HD-DVD training video, a laminated workout training guide card, and a Strength Systems-approved stretch strap to use before and after exercising.

The DVD has all the information you need to get started with your Strength Shoes, and the training card is the perfect companion to keep by your side while using all of your strength training equipment.

Why wait any longer to start maximizing the results of your workout routine? The time to act is now! Strength Shoes will have you miles ahead of the competition faster than you ever thought possible. 




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