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Becoming Young: Making the Converse All Star Shoes Young Again

Almost one hundred years ago, the Converse Chuck Taylor was designed and made to be an elite shoe for basketball players.  In an era where the basketball rim closely resembled the peach basket, the rubber sole and canvas upper was a break from wooden soles and all leather shoes.  As revolutionary as it was back then, man has always found ways to challenge and improve on how to jump higher.  This year, the quintessential classic “tennis shoes” gets a modern make over from its parent.

Ever since Converse was bought out by Nike Inc., Converse had been reaping the benefits of being a subsidiary of the conglomerate.  Just last year, Nike released a remake of the Chuck Taylors.  The Chuck Taylors II incorporated proprietary ideas of Nike, such as the Lunarlon lining that made the notoriously uncomfortably Chucks into a modern day sneaker.  The Chuck II’s provided arch support and comfort with the new linear for the soles.

Now, Nike has made another attempt at making the Converse All Stars relevant again with the release of the Converse All Star II.  Based on the design cues of the original All Star, the new version is constructed out of leather, rather than canvas.  Other variations of the new shoes include Nike’s patented fly-knit uppers, along with soles constructed out of foam. 

How significant is this?  Well it means the rebranding and re-imagining of an old giant that was only popular amongst cult followers – namely punk rockers and other groups.  By merging the latest shoe construction technology along with the classic looks of Chucks, Converse will be making an appearance on a basketball court nearby.  Call it sentimentalism or excitement at a new shoe, but it is a good thing seeing older brands that are in danger of falling off the wayside (such as P.F. Flyers) become relevant again.  Look for these shoes to drop sometime soon.

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