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Suples Training System

Extreme Training for the Next Fitness Generation

by Kyle Brown for In the Gym

Personal Trainers and athletes alike are always searching for new fitness tools to incorporate into our training regimen - either to elevate our fitness training or our clients' conditioning to the next level. Ideally, we search for fitness tools that are versatile; meaning that we can utilize these tools in multiple ways for both upper body and lower body training as well as for different results. The Bulgarian Bag is a perfect tool for developing muscular endurance as well as for increased power and strength.

The Bulgarian Training Bag is made with toughened leather and stuffed with wool and sand. It comes in 5 sizes, ranging from 11 to 50 pounds. The bag's shape allows for both upper and lower body training while emphasizing grip strength. The three different types of handles allow athletes to execute a variety of exercises by using different grips.

According to Bulgarian bag personal fitness expert Steve Nave, "The Bulgarian bag is a fitness tool of the next generation." Being a movement based piece of equipment, Nave states, "it incorporates all primal movement patterns that mimic natural movements. What makes the bag unique is that it's one of only a few exercise tools that cover all planes of movement under load. It's a functional training tool that creates power and neurological integration."

While the Bulgarian Bag is a new tool, it has already been validated by Olympic caliber athletes. However, it needs to become part of your training program not a replacement. Many products are marketed as the only fitness tool you need to get results. Yet incorporating Bulgarian Bag training into your existing resistance training program can help you overcome plateaus and elevate your fitness to the next level.



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