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Weighted Training Vests

The Strength Systems Weighted Training Vest is available in black and blue or black and red, and is the perfect accessory to work on your core strength and upper arms.

With its Lycra and neoprene construction, it’s fully adjustable for a skintight fit that won’t leave you chafed and raw. The vest is lined with inner pockets with removable weights, and the sleeves and lower section are removable, so you can work on specific muscles during your workout.

How does wearing a weighted vest help you get a better workout?

Your body is acclimated to your current weight. That’s why you build muscles faster and more efficiently by lifting weights than just by lifting your arms up in the air on their own. Adding weight engages your muscles and burns more calories than working out under your body weight, alone.

You can wear our Strength Systems Weighted Training Vest during any part of your normal workout, including running, lifting, or even swimming. This vest is particularly useful to those who are losing weight. As your body gets lighter, wearing a Strength Weight Vest will continue to work your muscles and heart at the higher rate you needed to keep moving when you were a few pounds heavier.


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