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Strong calves are the key to success in nearly every sport. Home to a high percentage of fast twitch muscle fibers, they are an integral part of developing and improving strength, speed, and power, especially when it comes to sports that involve running and jumping.

There are a lot of exercises out there to improve calf function, but using your body weight alone isn’t enough to get your best results. For that, you need to amp up your workouts with calf building shoes.

How Strength Shoes Help Your Calves

You’re probably wondering how something as simple as wearing a specific pair of shoes can help you achieve more dramatic results with calf building.

Here’s are the reasons:

Building Solid Foundations

The feet are the foundation (literally) of supporting your body. They keep your muscles properly engaged and aligned. Feet are so critical to proper body functioning that flat feet actually used to disqualify recruits from military service (until innovations in footwear solved this problem). The right footwear isn’t just about protecting your feet; it’s about giving your body the right foundation to build on.

Protecting Your Knees & Ankles

So then, what makes Strength Shoes superior to other types of footwear? First, they work to protect the joints on either side of your calves: the ankles and knees. Injuring either of these joints can put you out of commission and unable to work your calves at all, so it’s important that they’re properly supported. The Strength Shoe absorbs impact and shock so your body doesn’t have to, and allows you to stay properly balanced.

Shock Absorption & Balance

Shock absorption and balance—big deal, right? Lots of shoes say they provide those benefits. But when it comes to calf building shoes, the Strength Shoe offers one aspect that truly is unique to the industry: their heels…or, more accurately, lack of heel!

Most sports shoes are designed to put the majority of your weight on the back of your foot. But if you’ve ever experimented with standing normally, and then raising yourself up on the balls of your feet, you know that standing on the front of your foot is what really engages your calf muscles. (After all, why do you think women’s calves look so great in heels? It’s the same principle!) This is precisely the motion that the Strength Shoe seeks to replicate.

Playing sports and working out without relying on your heels to help you will really have you feeling the burn in your calves—and seeing the results. Of course, it will take some getting used to. Putting the majority of your weight—let alone all of your weight—on the balls of your feet is not something we’re used to doing. The best way to use these shoes is to jump right in. Do all the exercises and activities that you would normally do, and wear Strength Shoes to do them. You’ll get used to it in time! As you run and jump, your calves will be challenged to kick into overdrive. Certain exercises will cause your heels to dip below your toes, and this is a good thing too, since this will stretch your calves and support a range of motion rather than just using the same muscles and tendons over and over.

Proven Results

Don’t settle for taking our word for it. Do the research! For 30 years, athletes have been achieving amazing results by using Strength Shoes. Some report that they add 5-10 inches to their jump height, while runners report increased speed. So if you’re looking for great calf building shoes that get results, look no further. Strength Systems can be reached at 504-468-9595 for questions or orders.


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