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Some products say ATI, and some say Strength. What’s the difference?
No difference other than color and the logo. As our company moves forward, ATI will be going away, and our own products will only carry the Strength Systems logo. So we’re currently offering remaining ATI training shoes at a discount until they’re gone. Functionally, they’re identical to Strength Shoes, but without the Velcro strap.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes. Please email us at for a shipping quote.

Is team pricing available?
Yes. Please call us at 1–800–451-JUMP (5867), or email us at to request team pricing.

What size should I order?
For shoes, just order your normal shoe size. For vests, we recommend ordering according to your T-shirt size.

If I order the wrong size, can I exchange it?
Yes. Call us at 1–800–451-JUMP (5867) and let us know what size you ordered and what size you need. We’ll issue a return authorization form to put in the return box. You pay for shipping it back to us, and we’ll pay shipping for the correct sized product back to you.

At what age should Strength training begin?
We recommend that training with the Strength Shoe (or our weighted products) shouldn’t begin until at least age twelve.

How long does it take to see results?
It will vary from person to person. With Strength Shoes, we recommend that you commit to completing the beginner program demonstrated in the companion DVD before checking your progress.

How long should I wear Strength Shoes during a workout?
First, it’s important that you stretch properly before using your Strength Shoes. After stretching, follow the recommended Strength Shoe program demonstrated in the companion DVD. Lastly, stretch thoroughly at the end of each workout.

How should the vests, shorts, and gloves fit?
All our weighted products should fit snugly. That way, they won’t chafe or hinder your natural body motion while you train.

Is there a difference between the blue and red vest?
No difference other than color.

How much weight can Strength vests and shorts carry?
Our vests hold up to 35 lbs (top: 20 slots for 10 lbs, lower: 40 slots for 20 lbs, and sleeves: 10 slots for 5 lbs). Our shorts hold up to 12 lbs (top: 12 slots for 6 lbs, and lower: 12 slots for 6 lbs).

What’s the best way to insert weights into the slots, and what direction should they face?
We’ve found it’s easiest to dip each weight in water before inserting them into a slot. Some people prefer the flat side against the body, while others prefer the round side—your choice.

Can Strength vests and shorts be used in aquatic workouts?
Absolutely. Each half pound weight is powder coated to eliminate rusting.

Are Strength vests and shorts washable?
Yes, though we’ve found it’s better to wash them by hand instead of a washing machine. Just wash them out in a bucket of water with normal dish soap, and hang them out to dry.


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