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Athletic Training Innovations designs, manufactures, and distributes athletic training products. Our product designs are based on the most up-to-date scientific research, keeping us on the leading edge of the most dynamic technology for today's athletes. ATI's products were created with the athlete's needs in mind, resulting in the most advanced, state-of-the-art plyometric, resistance, and speed training products. 

All of ATI's products and programs begin with a scientific approach. As a result, our ATI™ Training Shoe is the most advanced plyometric training shoe ever constructed, using the newest molds, composites, lasts and lightweight materials available. This insistence on scientific approach is also evident in the weighted ATI™ Strength Vest and ATI™ Strength Shorts, which allow the user to alter resistance by adding or removing pieces of the garment. 
Both the ATI Training Shoe™ and ATI Strength Weight Vest and Shorts™ athletic training products are "patent pending", and extremely adaptable for all sports and skilled positions. 


To request more information about our company, products, programs, and events, call 
Athletic Training Innovations' corporate and retail office at 1-800-549-0341. 



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