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At Strength Systems, we’ve fully embraced the benefits of plyometric training since the beginning of our company more than 30 years ago. We first developed the Strength Shoe back in the early ‘80s, and we’ve been helping athletes increase their strength and agility ever since.

The benefits of combining plyometric training with Strength Shoes is more than a marketing pitch…it’s backed by science as evidenced by this study -- “Enhancing Anaerobic Power: The Effects of the Strength® Shoe During Plyometric Training” – published by the American Medical Athletic Association (AMAA) Quarterly Journal.

Recap of AMAA Study Findings

Two groups of athletes were tested over a training period. The groups had no large, discernible differences in ability before the training period. One group trained with Strength Shoes, while the other trained in normal athletic shoes.

“The results of this study revealed a significant improvement in the relative anaerobic power, relative anaerobic capacity, vertical jump and 40-yard dash for the treatment group.”

Before the training period, the athletes in the experimental group (wearing Strength Shoes) showed relative anaerobic power of an average of 8.77 watts per kilogram and 9.99 watts per kilogram after the training period. The control group (in normal training shoes) began with an average of 10.75 watts per kilogram and ended with 10.75 watts per kilogram.

The group wearing the Strength Shoes improved by a magnitude of 1.22, as opposed to the other group, which only improved by 0.19.

As far as speed goes, in the 40-yard sprint, the Strength Shoes group decreased their time by a magnitude of change of 0.14, whereas the control group only decreased their distance by a factor of 0.06.

Across the board, the group wearing Strength Shoes increased their power, anaerobic capacity, speed, and thigh circumferences significantly more than the control group. The only place that the control group excelled was in increased calf circumference.

“When used appropriately, the Strength Shoe is a positive training tool capable of improving one's performance in sports requiring anaerobic metabolism.”

As far as we’re concerned, they can have bigger calves. We prefer the greater performance that comes with using our amazing Strength Shoes!


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