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“The Strength Weight Vests are the best we have ever used. One of the problems that we’ve had with vests in the past was with durability. THis will not be a problem with the Strength vest. The Lycra/Neoprene is of very high quality and the zippers are heavy duty. The skintight fit keeps the vest secure and from moving around during drills. We plan on getting years and years of use from our new Strength Weight Vests.”

Tommy Moffitt
Director of Strength and Conditioning, LSU

The summer between his junior and senior years of high school, in 1999, Willie persuaded his father, Willie Parker Sr., to buy him a pair of $100 strength shoes from a catalog. These shoes, sort of a reverse high heel, are intended to increase vertical leap and improve speed. They are not a fashion accessory.

The shoes arrived to much fanfare in the Parker household in tiny Clinton, N.C., and immediately Willie went to a corner of the backyard and began to jump – up and down, off two feet, off one foot. It was the summer of jumping.

It became a family joke: Where’s Willie? In the backyard, jumping. Before long, Willie added a weighted vest to the ensemble. Now he stood in the backyard wearing those goofy shoes and a heavy vest, jumping.

No one knew why or bothered to ask. It was a phenomenon similar to Willie’s obsession with being the fastest kid in the neighborhood, which hit a snag when this girl Shawna beat him in a footrace.

Shawna was 18 and Willie 10 or so, but that didn’t matter. She was the only one who could beat him, and he set out to change that. He raced everything he could: his dog, a Nissan 300Z owned by a girl named Tonya Sampson who played basketball at UNC, his older brothers, Jamaul and JayWayne (“Both slow as dirt,” Willie says), but only after spotting them a 10-yard head start.

“Being the fastest was really important to me,” he says. “After that girl beat me, it did something to my brain.” He never did beat Shawna, and it left him to focus his bottomless determination on a more mysterious goal. He jumped through the summer and into the fall, wearing down the soles of those strength shoes on the concrete in the backyard.

Then, early in the school year, Jamaul came home for a visit from Johnson C. Smith University and was met by his little brother. “C’mere,” Willie said. “I’ve got something to show you.” He grabbed a basketball and took Jamaul to a court across the street. He stood about six feet away from the hoop, took one step and jumped. By the time he returned to the asphalt, Willie had thrown down a two-handed dunk.

Now Jamaul understood. This obsessive pursuit – the shoes, the vest, the jumping was intended to knock down the one barrier between Willie and his brothers. Before the shoes, they could dunk with ease and Parker couldn’t.

Now, at 5-foot–10, Willie Parker was their equal. “This boy’s crazy,” Jamaul says. “He’s a different kind of competitor.”

Willie Parker bringing joy to the huddle…
Excerpt from ESPN The Magazine (October 2007)

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“As the son of a highly-respected basketball coach, I was equipped with adequate knowledge and the fundamental skills to be a quality basketball player. One thing was missing in order to be a complete player though - athletic ability in the form of explosiveness and jumping ability. By following the specific regimen using the Strength Shoe after my junior season in high school, my game became complete, which helped me obtain a basketball scholarship. When I entered college as a freshman, my vertical jump was measured at 40 inches, all because of using the Strength Shoe. The Strength Shoe helped give me opportunities I wouldn’t have had in the game of basketball.”

Jeff Moore
Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach Northwestern State University

“My name is Chad Burks, and I first used the Strength Shoe back in 1990. I was training with Coach Merle ”Boots“ Garland when he introduced them to me. My main concern was to gain speed in a 3-month period of time. I started out running a 4.87 in the 40, and my vertical jump was 26”. After training in the Strength Shoe for 3 months straight, I increased my 40 to a 4.74, and my vertical went to 29“. I attribute my increase to hard work and the Strength Shoe. I went on to attend Louisiana State University and transferred to Louisiana Tech University. I have seen the Strength Shoe work for so many athletes. If you are looking for an edge, the Strength Shoe is the way to go. Understand that, if you follow the program, you will get faster and increase your vertical jump!”

Chad Burks
Southern Region Sales Manager Custom Sports Surfacing

“I first became aware of the Strength Shoe as a college football player during basketball season when watching an average looking kid from Celina, Tennessee, slam dunk a basketball in any way he wanted to. Later I quizzed him on the extraordinary athleticism and the major leg muscle definition…he pulled out this funny pair of shoes that were known as the Strength Shoe. The football players started using them and experienced phenomenal sprint and jumping improvements…I have been a believer ever since.”

Randy Pippin
Glazier Football Clinics

“The Strength Shoe helped me to become an elite athlete. Training with the Strength Shoe enabled me to run in the low 4.3 40-yard dash as well as 10.22 100-meter. It also helped me to be able to dunk a basketball at 5’9”. It is a great training aid. I would recommend the Strength Shoe to anyone with aspirations of becoming an elite athlete."

Reginald Austin
Football Coach, Central Gwinnett High School
Former cornerback, Chicago Bears

“I was always a good player through high school and college. In my senior year, I decided to dedicate myself to my dream. I purchased a pair of Strength Shoes and could not put them down. My teammates were impressed with the improvements and strengths. I was voted ”Most Improved“ on my football team and Captain and MVP of my track team. I call it ‘The Shoe’ because there is no other like it. I recommend the Strength Shoe to the athlete who strives to be great.”

Monte L. Dilworth
Assistant Head Football Coach and Head Track Coach, West Broward High School
Former running back, Toronto Argonauts

“Without an analysis of how the athlete mechanically performs a specific skill, how can we provide a performance enhancement program that targets his or her needs? All sports require movement…not just muscles. That’s what separates the Strength training shoe program from every other sports training program. It is built around ”Biomechanical Analysis“ and specifically identifies an athlete’s mechanical strengths and weaknesses. The more we can isolate and target, the greater the effect on performance.”

Karl Frank

 "I used strength shoes starting the summer after the 10th grade, and my vertical jump increased 6" in four months, helping me make the Varsity Basketball team as a Junior. There's no doubt that you can get that kind of an increase in your vertical if you use strength shoes. They are an excellent tool to have in your strength training routine."

-Chris Rua, Albany, NY

 “I’m a professional boxer (from France). I’ve been running and working out in the Strength Vest and Strength Shorts for over two months. The vest & shorts are very good training clothes. I can vary the weight of the vest and shorts depending on what I’ve planned for my training. I like the quality of the material: there are no bad odors or perspiration after training. Wearing this vest during training is very hard. I feel heavier and have to produce more effort for each move. It makes me work deeper, more efficiently and faster. When I run the stairs in Montmartre (Paris), I do not have my coach yelling at me to go faster. Even when I run at a normal rhythm, it doubles my efforts, raises my heart rate very fast, and enables me to better develop the power of my thighs and arms. After, when I’m back in the ring, I feel lighter, faster and stronger. I have more endurance, and I’m not getting tired at all. It’s like I could box for hours and hours.”

Stephane Malenou

“In 13 years of coaching I have yet to find another product on the market that compares to the Strength Shoe. I first used them while playing college football myself at Tarleton State University and watched over 2 tenths of a second drop from my 40 time. I went from a 4.85 to a 4.60. When I became Head Coach at Itasca High School, my ”quarterback-to-be“ for the next season ran an embarrassing 5.1 in the 40. I convinced him and his mother to purchase the Strength Shoe, and the results speak for themselves - he added 9 inches on his vertical leap, dropped his 40 time to a 4.80, and threw for 2,500 and rushed for 1,300 yards that next year. He always worked his butt off…he just needed something to put him over the edge. The Strength Shoes did just that. Now, at Marcus High School, I have nine guys training in the shoes…the WORST improvement was a drop of 1 tenth of a second off of their old times!!! One of my quarterbacks went from 4.99 to 4.61. Don’t get me wrong…they are busting their butts in the weight room…and running a track workout after off-season…BUT - the proof is in the pudding!”

Coach Greg Cranfill
Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks, Marcus High School, Flower Mound, Texas

“I’m writing to inform you about how your wonderful product has changed my life. Before I discovered the Strength Training Shoe, I had no vertical leap whatsoever, wore glasses, was overweight, and never even got to start in township sports. I never even dared to try out for any public school sport. Another way to put it, I was a big nerd! I have tried many other products and workouts to increase my speed and vertical and overall athleticism but none had come close to the results I received when using the Strength Training Shoe. My seventh grade year I wanted to gain respect from my fellow classmates and the only way I could do that was by competing in athletics. The summer of seventh grade I began light weight training, running, plyometrics for upper body strength, and plyometric exercises for jumping. That year I got to play basketball, football and track. I had a pretty successful track season by making appearances at the famous Penn Relays and the Archdioceses of Philadelphia track meet. There was only one problem - my vertical and speed were not where I wanted them to be. The following fall I purchased the Strength Shoe and it immediately gave me amazing results. With intense weight training and use of your product I made the public high school football team in eighth grade. It has given me incredible leg strength. While putting on over 40 lbs. in only one year from weight lifting, the Strength Shoe still allowed me to maintain my agility and has increased my vertical by 10 inches in only eight months with minimal use because of harsh weather in the winter season. Thank you for taking time to read this letter. I will always suggest your product to anyone who wants to increase their vertical leap. With science, time, and hard work, who knows what can be accomplished.”

Nicholas Klass
Macungie, Pennsylvania

“I met Kareem Abdul Jabar when he was in Chicago at a fitness clinic, and he and Walter Payton told me that the HeavyRope was the fitness tool to have. So I purchased a 5# rope and the rest is history. I use it with my martial arts and as a high school cross-country and track coach. I have student/athletes buy them, and I use mine to stress the positive aspects of the HeavyRope - it ain’t no joke! It works and there is nothing like it on the market!”

Merle Young
Coach, Cross-Country and Track

“Lake Leelanau St. Mary’s is a small Class D school in NW Michigan. We have three players out of about 38 who are high school age and who train with the Strength Shoe from Strength Training Systems. Most of our guys play multiple sports. WE HAVE THREE PLAYERS WHO CAN THROW ONE DOWN and - no surprise - they are the ones who train with the Strength Shoe. We have just recently started with two more athletes. I’ll keep you posted.”

Coach Smith
Lake Leelanau St. Mary’s

“As a strength and rehabilitation coordinator in the N.F.L., it is my job to find new ways to develop better fitness components in our athletes. The Strength Shoe has helped us develop both a more explosive and faster athlete. I have not found a better training system for on-field performance than the Strength Shoe.”

Steve Watterson
Head Strength & Rehabilitation Coordinator, Tennessee Titans

“I am surprised and amazed at the results I am getting with your shoes. I am an avid cyclist and runner. I have noted improvements in my running as well as my cycling. I have decreased almost a minute!!! in my 10K and in cycling I have noticed a significant improvement in my leg speed. Because of this, I have been using the Strength Shoes on my patients. I am a Director of Physical Therapy Services in an out-patient Orthopedic/Sport Clinic who works athletes as well as recreational athletes. Both noticed a significant improvement in their respective sports. I just wanted to let you guys know that with proper instruction and a scheduled program the Strength Shoe significantly improves our patients performance…..THANKS!”

Joseph M. Dai
MPT Director of Rehab Orthopedic/Sport Clinic

“First I would just like to thank you personally for inventing the Strength Shoe. The results I’ve gained were just amazing. I’m doing things that before I could only dream of doing like having a 45 inch vertical and improving my speed to record breaking times. The Strength Shoes didn’t just build my strength in my legs, it also built the confidence within myself to show that I can achieve anything when I put my mind to it and also go to any extent to achieve my success!”

Troy A. Daniel
Strength Shoe User

“We got our son John the Strength Shoes his junior year in high school. Our goal was to increase his jumping ability. He worked out faithfully everyday 2-months prior to basketball season. John is also an outstanding baseball player. They helped his jumping quickness tremendously, but more than anything, his time in the 60 yd. dash increased by .5. He was his high school team’s leading rebounder. At 6’4” he was also the first team All-State and was drafted by the Kansas City Royals in the June draft. He’s in junior college playing both sports and will be playing Division 1 baseball or basketball next year. Thanks for a super investment!”

Lloyd Murphy

“I just want to thank you for inventing the Strength Leg Training Shoe. I’ve had incredible gains. The workout was hard, but I liked it. Before I used the shoe, I ran a 5 second 40-yard dash; now I run a 4.6 after only 3 months of using the shoe. Also my vertical leap increased 6 inches. Another thing is that my calves grew and inch in 3 weeks. I just wanted to tell you about my gains with your shoe.”

Chris Marciniak
Strength Shoe User

“I want to let you know how pleased my husband and I are with the Strength Shoe. We got our son a pair when he was 13. He used the shoes and your training program during his freshman year and all last summer. He has had great success because of them; in track (hurdles and 110 meters) and football (running back and middle linebacker). He was M.V.P. of Junior Varsity football and most important, our district was the toughest in Texas. He faces 300lb., 16-year-old boys and didn’t get hurt. He benches 300 lbs. and military lifts 210 lbs. He also made the ”Best of the Best“ Club two years in a row. Only 15 boys out of 180 have achieved this honor. Thank you again.”

Barbara Pitman

“I first saw the Strength Shoe four years ago at Kevin Bannon’s Superstar Camp in Trenton, New Jersey. I thought the results were too good to be true. After my wife and I talked to you for thirty minutes, I decided to put my oldest son in the shoe. He went from barely touching the rim to dunking the ball. His increased speed and quickness were the two areas that impressed me the most. I could see it in his legs. I put my entire team at St. Anthony’s (Jersey City) in the shoe and the results speak for themselves. The Strength Shoe played a major role in our program. As a matter of fact, we actually scrimmage in the Strength Shoe at practice. As a father who has had two sons in the shoe and a coach who has his team in the Strength Shoe, I’m surprised every athlete in America is not training in the product.”

Bob Hurley, Sr.

“I am only 5’9” and thanks to the 10 inches your shoes put on my vertical leap, I can now dunk a basketball with two hands! I am also on the verge of clearing 6’6“ in the high jump. Thanks a million!”

Phil Graves
Strength Shoe User

“I play for a high school football team and in the off season we lift weights 3 days a week. On the off days, I train in the Strength Shoes 3 days a week from March to July. I have definitely become faster and my vertical jump has increased. I can grab the rim on a regulate net (my height is 5’9”). I just thought that you would like to know that I am a satisfied customer. Thank you for the excellent customer relations also.”

A. Masciarelli
Strength Shoe User

“I would like to thank you for the superb product you have put out. Your shoes have done some pretty incredible things for me. I just turned 15. I have been training with your shoes for about 5 months and I have seen amazing differences in my basketball playing. My quickness and foot coordination have helped me score a lot of points. I am about 5’10” and I can slam a volleyball thanks to your shoes. I am still a freshman in high school and I cannot wait until the coming years.”

Michael Hicks
Strength Shoe User

The following individuals/organizations have purchased and/or trained with Strength® Shoes. They are not necessarily endorsing the product.

Pro Football
Raul Allegre, New York Giants
Morton Anderson, New Orleans Saints & Atlanta Falcons (retired)
Brian Baldinger, Philadelphia Eagles
Tommy Barnhardt, New Orleans Saints
Paul Blair, Chicago Bears
Olemas Brown, Detroit Lions
Vince Buck, New Orleans Saints
Dick Butkus (son), former Chicago Bear
Bobby Butler, Atlanta Falcons
Mark Clayton, Cleveland Browns
Marco Coleman, Miami Dolphins
Toi Cook, free agent
Doug Cosby, Dallas Cowboys (retired)
Burnell Dent, Green Bay Packers
Eric Dickerson, Indianapolis Colts (retired)
Ricky Dixon, Los Angeles Raiders
Jerry Dunlap, New Orleans Saints
Vaughn Dunbar, New Orleans Saints
Don Elder, San Diego Chargers
Henry Ellard, Washington Redskins
Steve Folsom, Dallas Cowboys
Brian Forde, New Orleans Saints
Mel Gray, Detroit Lions
Charles Haley, Dallas Cowboys
Bobby Hebert, New Orleans Saints (retired)
Almonte Hollomon, Atlanta Falcons
Houston Oilers (multiple pairs ordered by team)
Matt Jaworski, Buffalo Bills (retired)
Jim Jenison, Miami Dolphins
Norm Johnson, Atlanta Falcons
Darryl Lewis, Houston Oilers
Mo Lewis, New York Jets
Tyrone Legette, New Orleans Saints
Los Angeles Raiders (multiple pairs ordered by team)
Sean Lumpkin, New Orleans Saints
Eli Manning, Newman High School / New York Giants
Peyton Manning, Newman High School / Indianapolis Colts
Todd Maronivich, Canadian Football League
Lonnie Marts, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Robert Massey, Detroit Lions
Brett Maxie, free agent
Rueben Mayes, New Orleans Saints (retired)
Kevin Murphy, Seattle Seahawks
Eddie Murray, Philadelphia Eagles
Lorenzo Neal, New Orleans Saints
Willie Parker, Pittsburgh Steelers
Walter Payton, Chicago Bears
Anthony Pleasant, Cleveland Browns
Chris Port, New Orleans Saints
William Romanoski, Philadelphia Eagles
San Diego Chargers (multiple pairs ordered by team)
Rick Siglar, San Francisco 49ers
Webster Slaughter, Houston Oilers
Daryl Smith, Dallas Cowboys
Dan Stryzinski, Atlanta Falcons
Kent Sullivan, Houston Oilers
Alfred J. Tedeschi, San Francisco 49ers
Johnny Thomas, Washington Redskins
Anthony Thompson, Los Angeles Rams
Eddie Tomlin, Detroit Lions
Nate Turner, Buffalo Bills
Junior Wade, Miami Dolphins
Andre Ware, Minnesota Vikings

Pro Baseball
Robert Brucato, San Diego Padres
Don Buford, Jr., Baltimore Orioles
Brett Bulter, Los Angeles Dodgers
Tony Chica , San Francisco Giants
Vince Coleman, Kansas City Royals
Gary Gaetti, Minnesota Twins
Eric Ganino, Los Angeles Dodgers
Bernard Gilkey, St. Louis Cardinals
Chris Hatcher, Houston Astros
Darren Hayes, Chicago White Sox
Will Hill, Kansas City Royals
Tommy John (2 sons), Former New York Yankee
Don Mattingly, New York Yankees
Willie Mcgee, San Francisco Giants
Kevin Mmahot, New York Yankees
Russell Moore, Chicago White Sox
Donnell Nixon, San Francisco Giants
Nolan Ryan, Texas Rangers
Tim Ryan, Chicago White Sox
Don Slaught, Pittsburgh Pirates
Ozzie Smith, St. Louis Cardinals
James Steele, San Francisco Giants
Rubbie Thompson, San Francisco Giants
Joe Walker, Chicago White Sox
Dave Winfield, Minnesota Twins

Pro Tennis
John Mcenroe
Patrick Mcenroe
Martina Navritalova
Barbara Potter
Monica Seles

Tom Petranoff, Javelin Thrower (two-time world champion)

Pro Hockey
Shawn Burr, Detroit Red Wings
Sharon Rivers, Tampa Bay Lightning
Dave Thomlimson, St. Louis Blues

Pro Volleyball
Barbra Fontana
Owen Mckibben, Miller Lite Pro Volleyball Team
Paul Raus, National Volleyball Team

Riddick Bowe, boxer
Ty Cobb, Budlight Daredevils
Larry Gatlin (son & daughter), singer
Woody Harrelson , actor (movie role)
Branford Marsalis, jazz musician
Kareem Mohamad, boxer
Thelonious Monk, Jr., jazz musician
Kenny Rogers (son), Singer
Mackie Shilstone, fitness consultant
D. B. Sweeney, actor

College Basketball
Clemson University
Depaul University
Duke University
Indiana University
Louisiana State University
Michigan University
North Carolina State University
Seton Hall University
Syracuse University
University Of Illinois
University Of Kansas
University Of Kentucky
University Of New Orleans
University Of North Carolina
University Of Oklahoma
Villanova University

College Football
Indiana University
University Of Florida

College Volleyball
Louisiana State University
University Of New Orleans


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