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Are you ready to get more out of your workout? Do you want to burn calories faster and build stronger muscles? Of course, you do. If you want to jump higher and run faster, improve your time in the pool and/or lift heavier weights, it might be time to invest in a weight vest.

Strength Systems weight vest

Weight vests provide added resistance to any workout, but they work especially well when paired with strength, plyometric, and cardiovascular workouts. When you wear a well-made, fitted weight vest, you’ll be able to add up to 30 pounds of mass to your body without hindering your range of motion.

Because the weight is concentrated at your core, you aren’t likely to injure yourself from swinging excess weight at your extremities. Your hands will also be free to lift free weights or to do push-ups, planks, burpees, and other exercises that benefit from added weight but require the use of your hands.

Good Reasons to Start Working Out with a Weight Vest:

You’ve Lost Weight

You started working out to lose weight. When you started, it didn’t take much to get your heart pumping. At your increased weight, you burned calories at an accelerated speed. As a result, you started seeing results almost immediately. Now, though, you’ve reached a plateau. You’re still eating right and going to the gym like you were, but you’re not seeing the same results.

The reason for this is you’re not pushing around as much weight as you were, and your muscles have grown stronger. If you want to get the same kind of benefits that you had before, you’re going to need to add resistance. Strapping on a weight vest can simulate moving your old bulk around. This will make you stronger and help you lose more fat.

Your Workout Isn’t Challenging Anymore

When you started working out – whether you were trying to lose weight, run faster, get stronger, or all of the above – you really felt those first few weeks and months of workouts. Now, though, they’re getting easier. You don’t necessarily have more time to spend in the gym, but you want to get more out of your workout regimen. You’ll find that wearing a weight vest will add resistance to all of your workout routines. You’ll use muscles that you didn’t even know you had before, and you’ll get a much better workout. You’ll see your strength and speed increase significantly in a surprisingly short amount of time when you add more weight this way.

You Want to Feel Lighter and Faster on Competition Day

When you run, swim, lift, or do plyometric exercises with a weight vest, you’ll notice that you feel significantly lighter as soon as you take the vest off. After a good workout, you’ll almost feel like you’re floating for a second or two when you take it off. Imagine having that feeling on competition or game day.

If you’re a runner, run with your weight vest on. Then, on the day of your race, when you’re not wearing it, your muscles will be trained to exert the effort it takes for you to run with the vest. Without it, your speed will increase tremendously, and you won’t even feel like you’re putting out any extra effort.

The same is true if you’re a swimmer or if you play basketball, soccer, or even football. With football, you wear a lot of gear on game day, but if you practice with a weight vest under that gear, you’ll be a lot stronger, and your gear and padding won’t feel heavy at all.

Weight vests create a great resistance workout without getting in the way of important motions you have to make while running, swimming, dodging, tackling, or doing anything else involved in your workout.


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