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Want to lose some weight? Then add some weight! Weighted clothing that is...

Hang on—before you reach for the potato chips and candy bars, let us explain.

While it’s true that heavier people burn more calories, you don’t have to actually get heavier to achieve those same results. Instead, use what you wear as a vehicle to artificially (and, more importantly, temporarily) increase your weight to burn more calories and get your body strong enough to handle lifting and carrying heavier loads.

Strength Systems has got you covered in the weighted clothing department, so you can start achieving your goals! We offer a full line of weighted clothing designed for strength training which includes weighted vests, weighted shorts and weighted gloves which will help you maximize your workouts.

Benefits of Weighted Clothing

Like we already mentioned, weighted clothing makes your body burn more calories—but you might be wondering how. The reason is that the body determines its metabolic rate based on several factors, and weight is one of the primary things that determines that. By making your muscles work harder to carry your body around, weighted clothing enables you to essentially trick your body into thinking that you’re heavier than you are! This kicks your metabolism into high gear—and unlike a beer belly, you can take the weight off once you’re done.

You can get weighted clothing that targets almost any area of the body. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of weighted clothing and the unique benefits each product offers.

Weighted Training Vests

With their full torso coverage and removable short sleeves, Strength Systems’ Weighted Training Vests are great for improving core strength and upper body strength. Weights are carried inside inner pockets, and are removable so you can easily adjust how much weight you’re carrying at any given time. You can start by using two packs of weights, and work your way up to four, or adjust the weight based on the specific exercise you’re doing.

The vests distribute extra weight evenly across your torso, so you won’t put excess stress on one area while the rest of them take it easy. Weighted sleeves allow you to work your arms while doing normal activities such as running or even swimming, while leaving your hands free.

Our Strength Vests are available in blue and black, or red and black. A skintight fit ensures the weight will sit right next to your body without causing chafing or discomfort. The vests hold a maximum of 35 pounds.

Weighted Training Shorts

Adding weight to your upper legs functions to increase speed and strength. Your body is probably used to running and moving with its own weight, so adding more means you’ll be able to keep your progress steady instead of plateauing. In Strength Systems’ shorts, weights are carried in inner pockets, and the shorts are fitted to be skintight so the weights don’t chafe against your skin as you move.

Based on how much your body can handle or the specific exercises that you’re doing, you can adjust the weights to your preferences, moving up or down in half-pound increments. Our weighted shorts hold a maximum of 12 pounds. They can be worn during virtually any exercise, including swimming, and will train your legs to work harder so you gain quickness, endurance, and explosive power.

Weighted Training Gloves

You may not know it, but adding weight to your hands can really improve the intensity and results from your workouts, especially if you focus on training with good form which emphasizes a full range of arm and hand movements throughout plyometric training (link to plyometric training page). Our weighted training gloves adds 1.75 lbs to each hand and has adjustable straps for a snug, comfortable fit.

Or, if you want to work your whole body (and save some money), invest in our Strength Weighted Suit, which includes both vest and shorts for a vastly reduced price than you’d pay for each item separately.

So, if you feel like your workouts are stuck in a rut and you’re noticing reduced improvement, invest in weighted clothing to take them to the next level. Strength Systems’ products are adjustable and durable, making them a great choice to supercharge your workout.


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