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There’s a simple reason we developed weighted gloves to enhance plyometric training. If you’ve ever tried to train your hands to develop strength and agility, you probably know that it’s one of the most difficult areas of the body to work out. There aren’t any hand machines at the gym, and you can’t exactly lift miniature finger free weights or do body weight exercises that target the hands.

However, if you play a sport that requires finger and hand dexterity, or simply want to maximize the impact of your plyometric training, it’s definitely important that your hands are strong enough to put up with it! So what can you do about it?

The answer: you get a pair of Weighted Agility Gloves from Strength Systems.

This product was brainstormed and created by professional coaches and athletes who noticed the same problem you’re noticing now, and they’re the best tool out there to really develop your fingers, hands, and forearms.

What Are Weighted Agility Gloves?

Don’t let the name fool you - these gloves have nothing to do with weightlifting. They are designed to enhance speed and quickness by adding weight to your hands during plyometric training.

The gloves feature small weights evenly distributed along the hand’s entire surface, down to the wrist, and include little curved weights that go up and down the fingers. Strength Systems’ weighted gloves weigh nearly two pounds each, come in four different sizes, and have adjustable straps so you can make sure the glove fits snug to your hand and doesn’t cause discomfort or chafing.

Benefits of Weighted Agility Gloves

There are about 35 muscles that control the movement of your hands, and about 17 muscles actually inside your hands. The right weighted agility gloves will engage all of them!

They don’t work just the fingers, but also target wrists and forearms, for a fully beneficial experience. Avoid gloves that only carry the weight in one area, like on the back of the hand or the wrist, because these won’t work your hands evenly.

There are five main traits that weighted agility gloves encourage: strength, dexterity, quickness, agility, and articulation. Strength will allow you to maintain a better grip and use more force. Dexterity enables your hands and fingers to move more nimbly and accurately. Quickness is self-explanatory—it makes your hands faster. Agility allows your fingers, hands, and wrists to maintain a wide range of motion. Finally, articulation facilitates superior motion in the joints used by your hands, so you can bend and move them without risking injury.

Who Should Use Weighted Agility Gloves?

Weighted agility gloves can amp up your performance in about 40 different sports, including many of the most popular ones, including basketball (they help with dribbling and rebounding), tennis (maintaining a good grip on the racket), hockey (absorbing the impact from hitting the puck), and baseball (gripping the bat). Basically, if you ever have to use your hands for a sport, you can benefit from using weighted agility gloves.

One other group that should definitely consider giving them a try: musicians. We can’t think of many activities where finger and hand speed and dexterity are more important than when playing an instrument, which requires you to hit a very small target very quickly with a great degree of accuracy (and perhaps for an extended period of time!). Pianists, guitarists, violinists, percussionists—they can all become more proficient at their instruments by strengthening their hands.

Have Weighted Agility Gloves Been Successful?

Why don’t you ask Tim Grover—Michael Jordan’s trainer? He’s just one example of a professional coach who uses and endorses weighted agility gloves. Grover reports that the gloves result in increased strength and quickness, leading to superior control of the basketball on the court. Whether or not you’re using them to train for basketball, if they’re good enough for pro athletes, they’ve got to be doing something right!


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