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Fumble Pro - "Ball Security. Don't Preach It, Teach It!"

by Innocept
Price $144.95

The Fumble Pro® is a training tool used to train players of every position to hold the ball in the most secure manner possible to reduce or eliminate fumbles. It can be used to teach QBs to keep two hands on the ball when in the pocket, to teach receivers to catch with their hands and not their bodies, or any player to hold the ball correctly when running. The patented Slap Handle creates a large impact force with just a simple flick of the wrist that is transmitted to the ball, allowing the coach to simulate game-like impacts on the football without having to punch at the ball, or follow the player through the drill. The Fumble Pro® overcomes all the shortcomings of existing fumble drills and provides the best tool in existence for training players to secure the football. Available in Regulation (HS/College) or Youth (ages 12-14) size.

  • Generates MAXIMUM force to simulate game-like impacts such as helmet hits or a player punching the ball
  • Reduces stress and workload on coaches (no more chasing the player or punching at the ball!)
  • Keep practice fresh with a variety of drills for Quarterbacks, Receivers, Running Backs or any player that may touch the ball
  • Used at all levels from the Pros to Pop Warner!
  • Great for improving strength and hand-eye coordination while teaching proper form through muscle memory
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