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Strength Weighted Jump Rope

by Strength SALE
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By blending low-level plyometrics, aerobics and weight training into an intense workout, the Strength Weighted Jump Rope improves cardiovascular stamina while strengthening the whole upper body. Because the Strength Weighted Jump Ropes are filled with sand, the centrifugal force allows for a more intense workout than other weighted jump ropes. Properly using this rope generates symmetrical movement of all the muscle groups into synchronized harmony with the heart, lungs, and nervous system. Athletes can improve speed, strength, coordination and explosiveness while increasing cardio-respiratory endurance.



                • The sand filled ropes allow for a drastically more intense work out from other ropes
                • Improves vertical jump and increased stamina
                • Improves resistance to nagging muscle pulls or injury
                • Stronger wrists and powerful arms, shoulders, and torso
                • Great for use with circuit training in any athletic program
                • Get a much better overall workout in less time
    The Strength Weighted Ropes are available in two lengths and different weights to best meet an athlete's strength and fitness goals.
    Weight - Female - Male
    1 lb - Grade School/Junior High - Grade School/Junior High
    2 lb - Junior High - Junior High
    4lb - Collegiate - High School
    4 lb XL - Collegiate (over 6'4") - High School (over 6'4")
    5 lb - Advanced - High School/Collegiate
    6 lb - Advanced - High School/Collegiate
    6 lb XL - Advanced (over 6'4") - High School/Collegiate (over 6'4")


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